EAC New Energy & Autonomus Vehicle Trade Show Suzhou

EAC New Energy & Autonomus Vehicle Trade Show Suzhou

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China, Suzhou, Suzhou International Expo Center

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Learn more on why you should visit the trade show exactly in China?

Why Visit The Trade Show in China?

Why China?

Today’s realities suggest that China has become a unique country of ample opportunities for business development virtually in any domain. This giant is developing at blazing pace collecting technological achievements from all over the world and milks it for all it’s worth by integrating them into own ecosystem.

There is a number of reasons as to why large and small businesses from various countries should do business with China:
  • Broad choice supported by mass production, absence of monopolies and high competition;
  • Low product cost due to continuous production innovations and modernization;
  • Record-breaking short production times;
  • Myriad of forwarding companies delivering goods from China, providing money transfer services, consultations, etc.;
  • Indifference of Chinese to your political and religious views, they are driven solely by your ability to offer work contacts and money.
Why Trade Shows?

We bet you have already wondered why a businessman in a modern world should visit the trade show when you can easily study samples from catalogs in the comfort of your office and then order all you need by mail.

The answer is - there’s nothing in this world that could replace face-to-face contact with a potential partner. Moreover, Chinese businessmen prefer this mode of contact.

Trade shows open the following opportunities:
  • Get to know multiple potential suppliers;
  • Explore wide variety of goods and services;
  • Visit manufacturer’s factory and explore production stages in detail;
  • Make large and lucrative deals;
  • Visit other useful events: workshops, seminars, conferences, etc.

Visit the trade show in China to tap into ample opportunities for your business!

About event

EAC New Energy & Autonomus Vehicle Trade Show Suzhou  presents quality products in the industry such as thermal management of new energy vehicles,Lidar,millimeter-wave radar,new energy vehicle powertrains,  power battery,cockpit interaction and vehicle display,NVH, acoustics, head-up display, automotive safety,autonomous driving and more!

Thank you for your attention to the EAC New Energy & Autonomus Vehicle Trade Show Suzhou ! EAC2024 focuses on the industrial variables brought by new energy and intelligence, striving to create the most technically grounded and commercially valuable platform for communication and cooperation in automotive industry. 

Benefiting from Enmore' s 25 years of professional accumulation in various fields such as thermal management of new energy vehicles, new energy vehicle powertrains, intelligent chassis control, power battery, autonomous driving, millimeter-wave radar, vision cameras, Lidar, cockpit monitoring, automotive CMF design, cockpit interaction and vehicle display. interior and exterior decoration and lignting, NVH, acoustics, head-up display, automotive safety, intelligent network connection and other fields, from raw materials, parts suppliers, system integrators, production processes and equipment suppliers, simulation and testing to OEMs, covering the whole industrial chain. Enmore Automotive provides a professional offline platform for technical discussions and interaction, presenting the latest technologies, solutions and products brought by new energy & intelligence at the EAC site.This offers participants a unique perspective and rich resources to understand forward-looking technologies, discover innovative solutions and optimize the supply chain.

At EAC 2024, you will encounter a group of dedicated automotive technology professionals, engaging in lively discussions and joining the sessions across the entire automotive R8D industry chain. We also welcome you to bring your latest insights and trendsetting products to the event, Let's work together to promote the communication and display of forward-looking technologies, drive the application and implementation of technologies in the industry, and contribute to the optimization of the global automotive supply chain.

Enmore Auto's original mission is to make communication and transactions in the automotive industry easier. Today’ our original intention remains unchanged, and the future is promising. EAC 2024 will once again return to Suzhou lnternational Expo Centre on June 21-22, 2024, partnering with upstream and downstream enterprises in the new energy and intelligent automotive industry chains. Join us! Let's be the spotlight in the automotive R8D and pre-assembly market together!

EAC New Energy & Autonomus Vehicle Trade Show Suzhou  by the numbers: 
  • 30 000 visitors
  • 750 exhibitors
  • 40 000 sq. meters of expo space

Key products to be presented at the trade show:
  • Thermal management of new energy vehicles
  • New energy vehicle powertrains
  • Intelligent chassis control
  • Power batteries
  • Autonomous driving
  • Millimeter-wave radars
  • Vision cameras
  • Lidar
  • Cockpit monitoring
  • Automotive CMF design
  • Cockpit interaction and vehicle display
  • Interior and exterior decoration and lighting
  • NVH
  • Acoustics
  • Head-up displays
  • Automotive safety
  • Intelligent network connections

EAC New Energy & Autonomus Vehicle Trade Show Suzhou  – an exhibition for those who are engaged in these industries: 
  • R&D/supply chains/procurement/products related practitioners in OEM companies/battery companies
  • R&D/supply chains/procurement /marketing and sales related practitioners in Tier 1 companies
  • R&D/supply chains/procurement /marketing and sales related practitioners in core auto parts companies (like thermal management, batteries, motors, cockpits, and self-driving sensors)

Opening Hours:
9:00am –17:00pm
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Learn more on why you should visit the trade show exactly in China?


30 000
40 000
square meters expo space

visitors attending

Join a good company of 2 584 visitors who are going to attend this event
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Venue: Suzhou International Expo Center
Address: 688 E. Suzhou Avenue, Suzhou Industrial Park, Jiangsu Province,China


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