The 5th Shanghai International Cross-Border E-Commerce Expo and Global E-Commerce Brand Summit

The 5th Shanghai International Cross-Border E-Commerce Expo and Global E-Commerce Brand Summit

May 18 20 / 2019
China, Shanghai, Shanghai Mart Exhibition Center

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About event

2019 CEE Shanghai is committed to creating an authoritative brand of Internet+ cross-border e-commerce exhibition and building a new exchange platform designed for ecological cooperation among global Internet commerce. The organizing committee will invite relevant government officials to interpret the policy concerning cross-border e-commerce, invite the leading e-commerce companies to share the development trend of cross-border e-commerce market and invite experts and scholars to make forecast and analysis on the development trend of global e-commerce industry. 
The domestic and international e-commerce product purchasers will have face-to-face negotiations with suppliers. The corporate branding, service products and image shows and overseas project promotion events will be launched to master and understand the latest products, technologies, channels and other information in the international e-commerce market. 
Dozens of the most centralized and mighty exciting activities such as media campaigns will be carried out on May 18-20 in Shanghai.

2019 CEE Shanghai by the numbers:
  • 65 000 visitors
  • 500 exhibitors
  • 20 000 square meters exhibition space
Key areas to be presented at the exhibition:  
  • Cross-border goods: Overseas well-known retail brand owners and agents, overseas businesses, import and export trading companies and internationally renowned accessible luxury brands, global hot goods, imported FMCG
  • Domestic factories and traders
  • Cross-border service providers: Domestic and overseas retail e-commerce and cross-border e-commerce platforms, exhibition area for cross-border e-commerce in countries along the Belt and Road and overseas countries, cross-border e-commerce logistics and supply chains, finance / payments, community e-commerce / mobile internet platforms, e-commerce IT infrastructure facilities and software solutions providers, overseas promotion companies, cross-border e-commerce media, digital marketing, e-commerce third partners, translation services, venture capital companies
  • Investment environment, investment promotion policies, investment projects
  • An international exhibition area and a hall for specially-invited overseas countries
2019 CEE Shanghai visitors are:
  • Overseas well-known retail brands and agents
  • Overseas business
  • Import and export trading companies
  • Internationally renowned light luxury brands
  • Domestic factories / traders
  • Domestic and overseas retail e-commerce companies
  • Cross-border e-commerce platforms
  • Cross-border e-commerce logistics and supply chains
  • Financial companies
  • Community e-commerce / mobile internet platforms
  • Overseas promotion companies
  • Digital marketing / e-commerce operations
  • Translation services
  • Venture companies
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65 000
20 000
square meters expo space



Venue: Shanghai Mart Exhibition Center
Address: 2299 Yan'an W Rd, HongQiao, Changning Qu, Shanghai Shi, China


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