China Yiwu Intelligent Amusement and New Retail Industry Expo 2019

China Yiwu Intelligent Amusement and New Retail Industry Expo 2019

Become a part of a cutting edge industry trade fair and expand your business to worlds’ top market, avoiding hidden costs and language barriers June 22 24 / 2019
China, Yiwu, Yiwu International Expo Center

About event

China Yiwu Intelligent Amusement and New Retail Industry Expo will take place in Yiwu Interanational Expo Center on June 22-24, 2019. Representatives of National chambers of commerce, professional buyers, trading companies and businessmen from South Asia, Central and Eastern Europe, Middle East, Southeast Asia, Oceania the Indian Ocean region and more will join the event to discuss industry hot topics and promote the industry rapid development. 
It will highlight exchanges and cooperation with the neighboring countries of the “Belt and Road”, highlight the radiation advantages of the Yiwu market, and bring a wonderful feast of the industry to the whole country and the world. 

Yiwu Expo by the numbers:
  • 60 000 professional visitors
  • 300 exhibitors
  • 20 000 square meters of exhibition area
Key products to be presented:
  • Video Game Products: Amusement machines, simulators, VR equipment, remote control equipment, hitting game machines, simulated golf, simulated shooting systems, arcades, home game consoles and peripherals, online games, basketball machines, interactive game consoles, various entertainment equipment, puzzle and entertainment facilities, PC games, video games, mobile games and related technical equipment, video game products and accessories
  • Children's Paradise and Amusement Equipment: baby carriage, battery cars, bumper cars, bumper boats, swing cars, karts, remote control equipment, preschool equipment, swings, swing chairs, turntables, slides, trampolines, seesaws, educational toys, electronic electric toys, plastic inflatable toys, airplanes, ship models, children's rides, children's parks and brand licenses, children's playground equipment, robots, game consoles, carousels, simulated golf, roller coasters, scooters, ferris wheels, stunts, water slides, water houses, artificial waves, water development, water treatment equipment, hot spring spa, rafting equipment, circulation river, water walking balls, ski equipment
  • Motion Picture: Water curtain film, fog screen film equipment, performance equipment, special digital photographic equipment, theater equipment, stereo film special projectors, special audio, lighting, playground and entertainment center management software
  • Park Scenic and Playground Facilities: Indoor and outdoor large-scale amusement equipment, air imaging and 360 holographic imaging hardware equipment, water park equipment, landscape construction unit, sound and light technology amusement attraction facilities, fireworks display, music fountain, water curtain laser and sound system
  • New Retail: Vending machines, self-service terminals, smart express cabinets, ticket printing, self-service beverages, food, coffee vending machines; medicines, cigarettes, newspaper vending machines; network vending machines; water dispensers, washing machines, automatic paper towel machines; self-service food and beverage machines, entertainment jukeboxes


60 000
20 000
square meters expo space



Venue: Yiwu International Expo Center
Address: 59 East Zone Ze Road, Yiwu, China


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