CPhI China 2019
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CPhI China 2019

June 18 20 / 2019
Shanghai, SNIEC (Shanghai New International Expo Centre)

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50 000+
3 200+
200 000
square meters expo space

About event

As one of the most comprehensive pharmaceutical exhibition in Asia, CPhI & P-MEC China has, since its launch in 2001, been fostering international pharmaceutical business exchanges and leading market trends and technical innovations in the entire industry. 
Based in Shanghai and with a global vision, CPhI & P-MEC China is emanating its influences by creating a trading & sourcing platform, gathering quality suppliers, sharing cutting-edge knowledge, and building up an elite pharma professional network.

Co-located shows to cover the entire pharma chain:
CPhI China: for pharmaceutical ingredients
ICSE China: for outsourcing services
NEX China: for natural extracts
BioLIVE China: for biopharmaceuticals
PharmaExcipients China: for excipients
FDF China: for finished dosage formulation
Animal health & feed: for veterinary drug and feed

China Pharma Week:
20+ specially designed programs, interpreting the latest market trends, technical innovations and regulatory environment. Facilitated bilingually and providing networking opportunities for both domestic and overseas attendees.
  • CPhI International Business Programme
  • China BioLIVE Outlook Summit
  • China-World Innovation and Development Forum
  • The Cooperation-Competition of China-India Pharma Industry
  • NEX High Quality Suppliers Gallery
  • CPhI International Agencies Updates and Q&A                    
  • The 2018 Award for Top 100 Internationalized Companies
  • Plant Visit
Key products to be presented:
  • Raw materials: vitamins, hormones, sulfonamides, antipyretic and analgesics, anesthetic drugs, tetracyclines, amino acids and their derivatives, other anti-infectives, penicillins, aminoglycosides, cardiovascular drugs, antiparasitic drugs, cephalosporin, macrolides, respiratory medicine
  • Intermediates and fine chemicals
  • Excipients and dosage forms: excipients, glidants, enteric materials, antioxidants, sweeteners, permeabilizers, disintegrants, fragrances, filter aids, stabilizers, lubricants, plasticizers, solvents, flavoring agents, colorants, clarifying agents, PH regulators
  • Natural extracts: plant extracts, animal extracts, raw materials for traditional Chinese medicine, functional food raw materials, raw materials for health care products, raw materials for nutritional health products, supplements, raw materials for beauty cosmetics
  • Biological products: reagents, nucleic acids, proteins / antigens / polypeptides, nucleic acid analysis, protein detection, nucleic acid detection, chemical reagents, protein analysis, nucleic acid purification, immunoassays, protein purification, clinical detection reagents, enzymes, PCR / RT
  • Technology services: cell biology, immunology, biochips, instrument testing and maintenance, molecular biology, microorganisms, proteins / proteomics, bioinformatics services
  • Contract outsourcing, services and consulting: contract packaging production, contract drug production, contract preclinical testing, contract analysis / testing, biopharmaceutical research and development, general business consulting, logistics analysis, clinical trial management, legal services, non-clinical materials production
  • Pharmaceutical preparation: chemical medicine, Chinese patent medicine, Chinese herbal medicine, biopharmaceutical, OTC medicine, biological products, health care products
  • Animal health: feed raw materials, feed additives, concentrated feed, special feed, veterinary biological products, veterinary diagnostic reagents, veterinary raw materials, veterinary drug preparations, Chinese veterinary drugs, animal health products, disinfectants
Opening Hours:
June 18, Tuesday 09:30 –18:00
June 19, Wednesday 09:30 –18:00
June 20, Thursday 09:00 –15:30
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Venue: SNIEC (Shanghai New International Expo Centre)
Address: 2345 Longyang Road, Shanghai, China


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