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China Beijing International Auto Parts Expo 2019

April 22 24 / 2019
China, Beijing, China International Exhibition Centre (CIEC)

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About event

China Beijing International Auto Parts Expo 2019 - founded in 2007, has attracted more than 1,000 exhibitors from 50 countries and regions around the world, and over 55 of the world's top 500 companies. 
With more than 60,000 professional visitors, it has established long-term cooperative relationships with embassies, associations and chambers of commerce in 21 countries. 
During the exhibition, more than 30 academic conferences will be held to build a “one-stop” procurement platform for the Chinese automobile manufacturing industry chain with the theme of “collecting sophisticated equipment to create a source of high-quality automobiles”.

Concurrent event:
2019 Beijing International Automotive Manufacturing & Industrial Assembly Expo

China (Beijing) International Auto Parts Expo by the numbers:
  • 61 838 professional visitors
  • 862 exhibitors
  • 48 000 square meters of exhibition area
Key products to be presented:
  • Civil vehicles, passenger (cargo) transport vehicles, passenger vehicles, mini vehicles, new energy vehicles and special vehicles
  • Body manufacturing process and equipment: chassis, gearbox, engines, remanufacturing process and equipment
  • Precision casting and die-casting in the automotive industry: precision manufacturing forging production lines and manufacturing units for automotive castings and parts
  • Parts manufacturing technology and equipment: metal cutting machine tool production line and manufacturing unit for parts manufacturing, agile flexible automatic line (AFTL) for powertrain, energy-saving automatic transmission manufacturing equipment, forming mold and manufacturing technology, component heat treatment technology and equipment
  • Machining equipment and technology for parts: metal cutting, grinding, milling, drilling, stamping, forging, bending equipment and technology, CNC, cutting tools
  • Automotive main components: engine system, chassis system, brake system, driving system, steering system, brake pads, intelligent safety system, cooling system, exhaust system, hose, bearings, gears, automotive glass
  • Automotive manufacturing processes and equipment: automotive steel, automation and intelligent manufacturing, 3D printing technology, industrial robots, industrial computers, vehicle equipment production lines, precision instrument testing, automotive design and information
  • New energy vehicles and related system components: various power batteries and management systems, charging devices, energy storage devices, energy management systems
  • Car modification services and supplies: tire wheel modification, audio and video modification, power conversion, parts and special equipment modification, car beauty, car splitting
  • Lubricating oil: grease, base oil, lubricating oil additive, oil testing, oil packaging and filling equipment
  • Vehicle air conditioning system: various car air conditioners, air conditioner parts, electric motors, heaters, condensers, evaporators, radiators, thermostat, heater Automobile maintenance equipment: maintenance inspection and diagnosis equipment, cleaning equipment, sheet metal painting, light film, detergent
  • Automotive environmental protection: oxygen bar, air purifier, deodorant, astringent, photocatalyst, anti-glare mirror
  • Automotive lighting: automotive lighting source, lighting assembly, testing, lighting molds, raw materials
  • Automotive services and supplies: automotive consumables, car repair, safety protection, light film
  • Auto finance: service, insurance, leasing, renewable resources and other service products
  • Auto parts molds: injection molding machines, punching and cutting molds, bending molds, drawing molds, forming molds, compression molds
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61 838
48 000
square meters expo space



Venue: China International Exhibition Centre (CIEC)
Address: No. 6, Bei-San-Huan East Road, Beijing,100028 P.R.China


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