The 10th China International Fire Safety & Emergency Rescue Technical Equipment (Tianjin) Exhibition

The 10th China International Fire Safety & Emergency Rescue Technical Equipment (Tianjin) Exhibition

May 8 10 / 2019
China, Tianjin, Tianjin International Exhibition Centre

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About event

The 10th China International Fire Safety & Emergency Rescue Technical Equipment (Tianjin) Exhibition - the largest and most influential fire industry annual event in the northern region of China. 
Leaders of relevant government departments, well-known experts in the industry, leaders of fire protection associations at all levels, high-level key enterprises, and more than 300 industry elites in real estate, property management, architectural design, scientific research units, related Institutions and fire safety key units are invited to join the event. ChinaFireExpo 2019 (Tianjin) will be held at Tianjin International Exhibition Center on May 8-10, 2019. The summit forum will take place concurrently. 

ChinaFireExpo (Tianjin) by the numbers:
  • 25 000 professional visitors
  • 312 exhibitors
  • 20 000 square meters of exhibition area
Key products to be presented:
  • Fire alarm equipment: fire alarm system, leakage fire alarm, fire alarm power supplies and other products
  • Automatic fire extinguishing equipment: automatic sprinkler system, gas fire extinguishing, aerosol fire extinguishing system, dry powder fire extinguishing system and other technologies and products
  • Fire equipment: fire fighting vehicles, police vehicles, personal protective equipment, emergency rescue equipment, and other products
  • Fire equipment, fire extinguishers: fire hydrant pump systems, rescue tools, fire hoses, fire warning signs, lighting and other products
  • Building fireproofing: fireproof coatings, heat-insulating fire doors and windows, pump and valve pipes, high-temperature exhaust fans, power supplies and flame retardant materials
  • Emergency rescue equipment: drones, labor protection supplies
  • Internet + smart fire, fire and IoT technology and applications, fire remote monitoring system, safety production protective equipment
TOP Exhibitors:
Tianjin Fire Research Institute of the Ministry of Public Security, Beijing Zhongzhuo Times, Suzhou Jetta, Zhongche, Hubei Jiangnan, Chen'an Yunfu, Huawei, Nite, Setwell, All-Vision, Taihe An, Secco, China Zhishengan, Ximo Electric, Ariane, Sicom, Youfa, Juncheng, Xinhuitong, Dikai, Changxing, Ruidong, Jinmingyuan, Zhongling Shineng, Wansheng, Longtao, Heji, Chuan An, Beilun Jilong, Dajiangyou, Guangdong Zhongxiao, Carnef, Xinhuitong, Xinwanxing and Yiyitong.


27 000
23 000
square meters expo space



Venue: Tianjin International Exhibition Centre
Address: No. 32 Youyi Road, Hexi District, Tianjin City(Tian Jin Shi He Xi Qu You Yi Lu 32 Hao), China


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