CVS 2020 - The 17th China International Self-service, Kiosk and Vending Show

CVS 2020 - The 17th China International Self-service, Kiosk and Vending Show

August 22 / 2019
China, Shanghai, SNIEC (Shanghai New International Expo Centre)

About event

The 17th China International Self-service, Kiosk and Vending Show – the world 2nd largest self –service event. After standing in this industry for 16 years, CVS is now the largest self-service industry exhibition in, Asia leading the trends and contributing industry development. 
CVS aims to provide new products, one-in-all solutions for new technology application and a full range of trade services for product operators, retailors, system integrators and other functional professionals. 
The show will display various products including self-service terminals and solutions, comprehensive vending systems, kiosks, currency identification systems, self-service printing equipment, mobile payment terminal equipment, smart card reader, vending machine related accessories and services. 

CVS 2019 by the numbers:
  • 14 479 visitors
  • 315 exhibitors
  • 20 000 sq.m expo space
Key products to be presented:
  • Self-service equipment, self-service kiosks, ATM machines, payment terminals, lottery machines, self-laundry, self-help luggage depositing, self-service kiosks for food ordering, self-serve tank filling, self-help parking systems, library self-inquiry systems, etc. 
  • Vending machines used to sell bottled / canned beverages, snack, chocolate, candy and other food and beverage, instant noodles, fried potato chips, hot dogs, pizza and spaghetti, ice cream, cotton sugar, fresh fruit juice and other special food
  • Vending machines used to sell cosmetics, perfumes, MP3 / P4, mobile phone, CD, cigarettes, napkins, lingerie, bathing suits, umbrellas, pharmaceuticals, flowers / plants, magazines / newspapers, daily small commodities, children's toys, elastic ball, bubble gum, candy, small gifts
  • Office coffee service (OCS) equipment, coffee machine and machine parts: coffee vending machines, stove, coffee roasting machine, coffee bean grinding machine, coffee brewing machine, milk device, coffee pot, filter papers, drops of ice, tea device, coffee cup, coffee spoon, coffee and tea packaging materials and equipment
  • Raw coffee beans, coffee beans, instant coffee, coffee powder, coffee drinks, coffee spices, coffee wine, tea, fruit powder, pearl milk tea raw materials
  • Payment systems and vending science and technology: a full range of payment solutions from coin and bill processing to cashless systems, including banknote validation system, bill acceptors, coin mechanism, thermal printers, non-contact IC card, non-cash payment systems, wisdom shopping terminals, handheld / desktop POS machine, card reader, barcode scanners
  • Vending machine parts and services: sheet metal pieces, micro-motor, springs, locks, keyboard
  • Remote monitoring / operation systems, power solution, the data collection and reporting systems, wireless communication systems, the GPS global positioning systems (GPS), digital and touch screen applications, e-commerce applications
  • Drinks and snacks sold on vending machines: packaged snacks, bottled / canned drinks, water, chocolates, candies, gums, cookies, dried fruits, instant noodles, chips, popcorns, ice cream and yogurts
CVS 2019 – an exhibition for those who engaged in the fields of:
  • Self-service / vending
  • Hospitality
  • Real estate
  • Manufacturing / production
  • Engineering
  • Importing / exporting
  • Entertainment
  • Agriculture
  • Retail / franchise 
  • Media / advert 
  • Software development 
TOP Exhibitors:
GRG Banking, Bingo, BKM, Inspur, NKO, Jolimark, Cointech-group, Eastcompeace, Fujitsu, Defero Technology, Key Technology China Limited, TCN, WBE, BBT, Easivend, Glory, HuiTeng E&T, Easylife, Hi&Pros, eTone, Dongchuang, Kimva, intehel, UBOX, Sanden, Freser, MiQuan, Leiyunfeng, Zhouyi, JSBS, Huahaida, Le Vending, Afen, HealthyFamily, DongjuFood, Dogangunes, iCT, Zonerich, mei, JCM Global, Opos, Xprinter, Gainscha, EPPS, HuiMei, Brightek, KYTronics, AMD, Aopen, Intel, IBM, Ventech Holdings, Sunson, NAyax, APS, Silkron 
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14 479
20 000
square meters expo space



Venue: SNIEC (Shanghai New International Expo Centre)
Address: 2345 Longyang Road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai , China


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