China (WuHan) International Industrial Automation & Robot Show 2019

China (WuHan) International Industrial Automation & Robot Show 2019

Become a part of a cutting edge industry trade fair and expand your business to worlds’ top market, avoiding hidden costs and language barriers March 22 24 / 2019
China, Wuhan, China Optics Valley Technology and Exhibition Center

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About event

China (WuHan) International Industrial Automation & Robot Show 2019 aims to implement "Made in China 2025", promote the implementation of "Made in China 2025 Hubei Action Plan", accelerate the development of intelligent equipment industry, promote industrial transformation and upgrading, optimize industrial layout, and promote the construction of the "Made in China 2025" pilot demonstration city.
Supported by the Management Committee of Wuhan East Lake New Technology New Zone, sponsored by China Mechatronics Technology Application Association, Hubei Mechatronics Technology Application Association, Hubei Mechanical Engineering Society, Beijing Huaxia Weiye Exhibition Co., Ltd., 
2019 China (Wuhan) The International Industrial Automation and Robotics Exhibition will be held at the Optics Valley Technology Exhibition Center in China (Wuhan) from March 22nd to 24th, 2019. 

Key products to be presented:
Production and process automation:
  • Control systems, PLC, SCADA / sensors and actuators / assembly and handling systems, linear positioning systems / industrial automation data acquisition and identification systems / laser technology / measurement and test systems / industrial image processing systems / industrial computer communications, networks and sites bus system / embedded systems / automation services / air compression technology & equipment
Industrial Automation Information Technology and Software:
  • Industrial basic systems and development tools / factory production software / factory integrated management software / industrial IT software / industrial Internet / factory LAN / factory external LAN solutions
Electrical Systems:
  • Servo motors and converters / transformers, batteries and uninterruptible power supplies / transmissions, mechanical drive systems / electrical control systems, electrical switchgear and equipment / electrical and optoelectronic components / electrical electrical test and test equipment / wire and cable accessories
Microsystem technology:
  • Microsensors / microactuators / microsystem components / module microsystems / micro connection technology / microreaction technology / microsystem design and modeling / microengineering / micro optics and fiber optics / micro assembly / fast micro products development / AMD / other microsystems technology
Industrial robots:
  • Welding robot / painting robot / handling robot / assembly robot / AGV trolley / truss robot / collaborative robot / other industrial robots
  • System integration application: robot integrated application program / robot workstation / intelligent production line
  • Core components: controller / reducer / servo motor / testing equipment / welding and cutting equipment / spraying equipment / handling equipment / special wire and cable / sensors / related software
Service robots:
  • Commercial robot / educational robot / entertainment robot / home service robot / special robot / rehabilitation medical robot / machine vision / speech recognition / face recognition / sensor / cable / motor / shell design / lithium battery solution / lidar / Internet of Things / control platform / development platform / intelligent hardware


30 000
20 000
square meters expo space



Venue: China Optics Valley Technology and Exhibition Center
Address: Wuhan Donghu New Technology Development Zone, China


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