Unattended Warehouse Expo 2019

Unattended Warehouse Expo 2019

April 9 11 / 2019
China, Shenzhen, Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center

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About event

Unattended Warehouse Expo 2019 - With the development of science and technology, the automation level in daily production and life is getting higher and higher, many industries are pursuing "unmanned" technology. There are strong support for big data, artificial intelligence, logistics, finance, commercial manufacturing, online and offline infrastructure, and create a “new retail city” that is open, inclusive, efficient, intelligent and trait. In the context of new retail, especially for many commercial projects, in the face of such a booming business, the trend of business model development is the most important.
With the theme of “new initiatives, new ideas, and new enhancements”, the company will exchange new technologies, new equipment and new ideas in the field of unmanned warehouses and intelligent distribution at home and abroad.

Unattended Warehouse Expo by the numbers:
  • 13 200 professional visitors
  • 165 exhibitors
  • 9 900 square meters of exhibition area
Key products to be presented:
  • Unmanned warehouse category: unmanned warehouses, unoccupied warehouses, cross-border unmanned warehouses, intelligent express cabinets
  • Unmanned warehouse hardware equipment and software system: automatic sorting machines, AGV handling robots, picking robots, shelf shuttles, palletizing robots, sorting robots, drones, celestial machines, drone intelligent security patrol systems, bar gun data transmission
  • Cloud warehouse automation, intelligent algorithm, vehicle networking, autopilot, AR smart logistics system, cloud TMS logistics distribution system, cloud WMS warehouse management system, OMS order management system, BMS billing management system, anti-counterfeiting traceability system, real-time inventory monitoring system, intelligent warehouse location system, RFID information processing system
  • Unmanned warehouse delivery: various logistics and distribution vehicles, positioning systems and related software and hardware.
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13 200
9 900
square meters expo space



Venue: Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center
Address: Fuhua 3rd Rd, FuTian CBD, Futian Qu, Shenzhen Shi, Guangdong Sheng, 518000, China


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