New Retailing Expo 2019

New Retailing Expo 2019

April 9 11 / 2019
China, Shenzhen, Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center

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About event

New Retailing Expo 2019 - an event dedicated to the development of retail industry. 
The concept of new retail is an inevitable outcome of industry changes. Ten years ago, the development of department stores faced bottlenecks, and shopping malls came into being. Similarly, in the current rapid development of e-commerce, the commercial real estate market must have innovation and development. New retail is emerging in this context. Especially for many commercial projects, in the face of such a booming business, the trend of business model development is the most important. The theme of new ideas and new enhancements is to exchange new technologies, new equipment and new ideas in the new retail field at home and abroad.

New Retailing Expo by the numbers:
  • 13 200 professional visitors
  • 165 exhibitors
  • 9 900 square meters of exhibition area
Key products to be presented at the event:
  • Unmanned retail / convenience stores / supermarkets
  • Omnichannel experience stores
  • Unmanned catering halls
  • Fresh fruit and vegetable shops, smart cafeterias, smart self-service coffee shops
  • Various intelligent vending machines
  • Self-service printing and copying machines
  • Smart displays
  • Intelligent cash register machines
  • Intelligent POS systems
  • Intelligent payment systems
  • RFID tag systems
  • New retail and unmanned store latest solutions
  • Retail-related AR, VR applications
  • Smart logistics technology and equipment
  • Warehousing technology and workshop equipment
  • Industrial design and equipment
  • Visual marketing
  • POP marketing


13 200
9 900
square meters expo space



Venue: Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center
Address: Fuhua 3rd Rd, FuTian CBD, Futian Qu, Shenzhen Shi, Guangdong Sheng, 518000, China


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