Display China 2019

Display China 2019

June 26 28 / 2019
Shanghai, Shanghai New International Expo Center

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12 710
12 000
square meters expo space

About event

Display China will be held in Shanghai aiming to accelerate the market transformation of new technological advances in the industry and to promote the integration of display technology and future innovative application. 
The successful operation of the world's first 10.5 generation production line and the first 6 generation production line of flexible panels in China also indicates that the future products will further develop toward increased size, high definition, and quick response. Moreover, the profound transformation will be seen in the materials, manufacturing techniques and market competition for the new display industry will be based on this technology.
During the events, the visitors will be able not only watch product presentations, but also participate in various on-site forums and conferences to acquire the latest industry news and trends, explorer valuable cooperation opportunities, and expand industry network. 
The exhibition will be held concurrently with the GSMA Mobile World Congress at Shanghai New International Expo Centre on June 26-28, 2019, and will feature display terminals, display panels, processing & manufacturing equipment, inspection & testing instrument, parts & components, and materials & accessories.

Display China by the numbers: 
  • 12 710 visitors
  • 200 exhibitors
  • 12 000 square meters expo space
Key products to be presented at the exhibition:
  • Touchscreens: infrared, SAW touchscreens, optical touchscreens, resistive touchscreens, capacitive touchscreens
  • Production processing parts and components: lens units, sensors, FPCs, DSPs
  • Production processing materials: lenses, IR filters, lens holders, VCMs, driver ICs, connectors, adhesives, glass substrates
  • Production and processing equipment: dispensers, soldering equipment, screen printing equipment, testing equipment, cutting equipment, grinding equipment, polishing equipment, coating equipment
  • Screen printing consumables: conductive ink, silver paste, photographic emulsion, optical film, protective film, plate glass, photoresist materials, purification supplies, anti-static products, optical adhesive, adhesive tape, ITO film, ITO glass, ITO alternatives (graphene / silver nanowires / conductive polymer / carbon nanotubes, metal mesh)
  • Sapphire pavilion: sapphire crystal and the supporting base, crystal growth system, grinding equipment, diamond grinding wheel, resin bond grinding wheel, chamfering machine
  • Touchscreen applications: digital signage / advertising machines, smart phones, ATMs, tablets / notebook computers, POS cash registers, karaoke jukebox, GPS navigation, automotive / aerospace electronic control plates, industrial control equipment / membrane switches
  • Biometrics: fingerprint identification, “ocular-based” identification technologies, facial recognition system, palm geometry recognition, voice authentication, signature recognition, vein recognition, gait identification 
  • Manufacturing and nano-molding technology raw materials: aluminum magnesium copper, nano-molding processing, anode materials, die-casting machines, punching machines, laser engraving machines, cutting machines, injection molding machines, deflashing equipment, polishing machines, cleaning machines, testing equipment
Display China visitors are:
  • Brand owners, OEM and ODM of new display and touch screen application products
  • Display panel manufacturers
  • Manufacturers of display panel manufacturing equipment and fittings
  • Manufacturers of display panel and touch screen production materials
  • Manufacturers of purifying and testing equipment
  • Manufacturers of display panel and touch screen components and parts
  • Associations, societies, unions and industrial alliances
  • Research /advisory body
  • Media
TOP Exhibitors:
BOE, Tianma, Truly, CEC Xtal, JDI, HKC, Merck and JNC

Opening Hours:
June 26, 2019   (09:30 am - 4:30 pm)
June 27, 2019   (09:00 am - 4:30 pm)
June 28, 2019   (09:00 am - 4:00 pm)
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Venue: Shanghai New International Expo Center
Address: No.2345, Longyang Road, Pudong District, Shanghai, China


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