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Material Event Center (MEC Event)

Hungary, Budapest, Róbert Károly krt. 54-58, Postal code: 1134
Phone: +36 1 412 1872
Fax: +36 1 412 1871
Material Event Center (MEC Event) is situated close to the city centre, on Róbert Károly körút. The preparatory work of the project was done with the cooperation of event organizers in order to establish a new facility which satisfies all needs. The clean style of the hall makes MEC Event suitable for giving home to elegant banquets, press conferences, fashion shows, product presentations, conferences, exhibitions or even wedding receptions.

Capacity according to event types (entire hall):
banquet with a stage: 850 people
seated standing reception with a dance floor: 800 people
conference with rows of seats: 1000 people
standing reception with tall cocktail tables: 900 people
fashion show with a 35-meter-long catwalk and standing reception: 450 people

Our services:
event hall of over 1,000 m? which can be divided into three separate, sound-proofed rooms, suitable for simultaneous events
guarded parking garage for 250 cars
direct access from the parking garage to the event hall in 3 panoramic elevators
cloakroom, reception, preparatory room
technical control room, dressing room, make-up room
separate lounge style smoking room with a view to the city
colour and intensity controllable lighting system, sound and VGA installations
child minding service, nappy change room
disabled access and social rooms for the physically disabled
direct access to the 3,600-meter-long kart circuit situated on the 3rd floor of Material Center
reception at two separate locations: in the catering unit situated in the foyer and in the hall

Further services:
hostess service
cloak room and cleaning personnel
security service
You are welcome for a personal visit where we can show you the excellent potentials of Material Event Center!  


Area: 1,015 m?
A new event facility in Budapest, with special characteristics. The clean, warm colours of the interior allow freedom of decoration. The technical background satisfies any needs:

- column-mounted colour LED lighting to enhance the atmosphere of evening events
- adjustable intensity of normal illumination for conferences.

Lighting system controlled from the technical room and several VGA and sound outputs. Power-current supply at three different locations in  the hall. Most of the hall receives natural light; however, the shading technology allows complete darkening for events requiring projection. The special quasi-parquet floor is highly durable, and will not be damaged by the catering operations or dance loving guests. Also, the washable walls serve easy maintenance.

Guests can arrive from two directions: in the panoramic elevators or on the escalator. The in-built reception desk facilitates registration, whereas the cloak-room allows quick reception of the guests.


Area: 600 m?

Visitors can enter the hall from two directions: on the escalator or in the panoramic elevators. Using the former is recommended for events where guests are required to register at the reception desk first and use the cloak-room, and only then enter the elegant cream Mercury Hall. Those using the elevators can directly access the event held in the hall from the parking garage. It is the largest MEC Event room. The technical control room, the dressing room and the make-up room are also located here. The stage built in Mercury Hall can be viewed from the entire room (1015 m?), even with 800 (!) guests seated at round tables. Due to its design, it is perfectly suitable for giving home to banquets, fashion shows and company events.

Technical parameters: The hall receives natural light from the direction of the entrance hall and the panoramic elevators. Depending on the nature of the event, Mercury Hall can be completely darkened with the built-in curtain system. The intensity of the halogen and fluorescent lights on the ceiling and the column-mounted colour LED lighting can be controlled from the technical room.

Power supply: 3x32 A (power-current), 220 V

Function according to event types:
seated standing reception (with the entrance hall): 500 persons
rows of seats: 500 persons


Area: 210 m?

The separable and sound-proof Sun Hall is located next to Mercury Hall, on the left. It is mainly suitable for a section room, holding press conferences, smaller seated or standing receptions. It can be accessed both from Mercury Hall and Venus Hall.

Technical parameters: the wall-to-wall windows let natural light into the room, which, however, can be completely darkened. Lighting and sound is independently controllable.

Power supply: 220 V

Function according to event types:
seated standing reception: 170 persons
rows of seats: 200 persons


Area: 180 m?

Venus is a sound-proof and separable room, closer to the panoramic elevators. Its great advantage is that it has an independent entrance, and can be therefore completely separated from Mercury Hall. It can be opened to Sun Hall, and therefore even two or three different events can be held at the same time. Venus is suitable for organizing smaller events, press conferences, conferences, business negotiations. It can also be used as a section room or surprise room as well as for interactive games.

Technical parameters: The room receives natural light, but in case of need it can be completely darkened. Lights and sound in this room, too, can be controlled independently.

Power supply: 3x32 A (power-current), 220 V

Function according to event types:
seated standing reception: 140 persons
rows of seats: 165 persons

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