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Olympic Skonto Complex

Latvia, Riga, 1a Melngaila Str.
Phone: + 371 7365300
Fax: + 371 7365301, 7365311
The Olympic Skonto complex has become the largest multifunctional sports, exhibition, conference and other enterprise complex in Riga and it completely meets the European Union standards of organizing enterprises.

SKONTO complex, situated in the area between E.Melngaiļa, Strēlnieku, Hanzas and Kr.Valdemāra streets, has appropriate infrastructure, all necessary communications and it is in an ideal place - the city centre, as well as it has convenient public transport infrastructure. Skonto complex is easily approachable form all sides.

Vesetas and Antonijas streets provide great motor transport pass ability.

The experience in organizing great enterprises shows that more than 20 000 visitors can leave the territory at the same time in 30 minutes.

Technical description of the complex:
The whole area of the complex - 60 000 m2
The whole under roof area, incl. - 17 880 m2
Hall Nr. 1 (The Olympic) - 8000 m2 in exploitation
Hall Nr. 2 (Multifunctional) - 4320 m2 in exploitation
Hall Nr. 3 (Basketball) - 2560 m2 in exploitation
Outdoor area at the halls Nr. 1,2,3 - 17 500 m2 in exploitation
Stadium - 10 000 m2 in exploitation.

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