National Achievers Congress

Нюрнберг, Германия 21 23 сентября / 2012


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О конференции

National Achievers Congress is 3-day event with an assembly of world-class speakers and expert to help ordinary individuals to achieve outstanding results in today’s competitive market through education and change of mindset.

In today’s lifestyle, the increasing demand for financial publications and education, and the growth in popularity of both traditional and newfound methods of wealth creation tools are undeniably signs of its population’s thirst for greater financial understanding and wealth. Good personal wealth management and creation strategies are highly sought, but these are just pieces of a larger puzzle. Another essential piece that plays a major key role in having a complete education isn’t just about having the hard-skills per say, but also having the correct mindset that plays a gigantic part in reaching your destination in this wonderful game of life.

With information so readily available over the Internet, enhanced by today’s improved technologies and connectivity, wealth management is no longer confined to the elite, but made accessible to anyone with sufficient savings and determination to advance their financial literacy and portfolio.

As we all know the old saying, knowledge, is indeed power, and during this tour, Robert Kiyosaki is committed to improving the awareness of financial literacy and opportunities for improved financial literacy for adults and children around the world. Robert believes in the potential of the human spirit, and he is dedicated to unleashing and setting it free! It is only through awareness, education, and action that people everywhere can take control of their lives and make the choices that will enable them to become financially free.

This flagship event aims to attract over 5,000 highly targeted individuals who are determined to learn how they can harness the right wealth creation tools, leverage on the insight of experts and exchange ideas with a community of like-minded individuals to increase their personal wealth. For all, partners, sponsors and participants, it is an opportunity that is not to be missed.

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Место проведения

Место проведения: Congress Center Nuernberg
Адрес: Messezentrum , Нюрнберг, Германия
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