International Solar PV& Thermal Expo Shanghai

Шанхай, Китай 13 15 ноября / 2012


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О выставке

A Forum with the Theme of "Developing New Energy for leading the low carbon future.” 

CEO Summit on Investment and Development of Global Solar & PV Industry.

Organizers will work to build a platform for the exhibitors, i.e. "Perform trade & negotiations by end product show and technology introduction, accelerate collaboration via enhanced communication ". We believe that under the support and guidance from relevant government divisions and industry associations, International Solar & PV Expo, 2012 Shanghai and the Industry Forum will be held as a successful, splendid and unforgettable event for international industries. 

The characteristics and advantages of SIPEF 2012

The professional who want to be an important role in solar energy market in China, SIPEF is must-see international event

SIPEF will bring together an international field of solar technology and solar energy show the whole industrial chain. You will see the SIPEF including government departments, including various types of exhibitors. SIPEF will boost domestic and international companies in the Chinese market growth and profitability.

SIPEF not only using unique B2B way, and will also appeal to the audience, such as investors diversification, project developers, dealers and government officials, the domestic and international trade visitors and solar experts.

Designed for the solar power industry of the new born SIPEF exhibition and conference, will be to show you the latest trends and solar energy market, leading-edge technologies will allow you to easily get valuable high level business connections and constructing the opportunity to commercial ties.

The high degree of media exposure, so SIPEF exhibitors in China and world-class products and services to enhance market awareness of the propeller.

Shanghai is China's largest economic center of China's solar energy gathered has become a matter of course, communication, diffusion of the best hub for land. During the exhibition, industry experts, academics, industry leaders, business leaders together to the future of solar industry market trends and development strategies, policy-oriented issues such as cutting-edge technology to conduct extensive and in-depth discussion.

An ideal complement to the exhibition, SIPEF 2012 Conference offers you the possibility to join various sessions and workshops covering a range of topics, such as: the latest product advancements, market developments, trends and political environment of the solar industry. Presentations in many sessions and workshops,  spanning topics from the very latest technology to emerging international industry trends and recent developments of China.

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Место проведения

Место проведения: Shanghai World Expo Theme Pavilion
Адрес: Guozhan Rd, Пудун, Шанхай, Китай
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