The Internet Show Indonesia

Джакарта, Индонезия 5 6 декабря / 2012


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О конференции

On the back of Terrapinn's success on the The Internet Show global series, we are pleased to announce that this event will be coming to Indonesia in 2012. Bringing together an unmatched congregation of enterprises from Indonesia and the wider region, this is set to be the country's foremost avenue for digital innovation for business.

The Internet Show Indonesia 2012 is Indonesia’s only internet business event. It brings together enterprises, online and digital solutions providers/developers, and other related stakeholders, all eager to find new ways of harnessing the full potential of the internet and doing business online.

An emerging market of epic proportions - Indonesia is easily one of the most lucrative and untapped markets for the digital world. With the staggering rate of internet and mobile penetration in Indonesia, there is no better time to consider expanding this lucrative market. With multinationals clambering for a slice of a 230 million strong domestic market, and local brands surging forward on the back of GDP growth - the internet is emerging as the foremost tool for businesses to achieve success.

The conference agenda will cover the following:

  • ·         How to manage content effectively online, including digital assets (images, videos)
  • ·         How to improve web communication with partners & consumers
  • ·         How to exploit the mobile platform to grow your business
  • ·         How to expand your e-commerce business across borders
  • ·         How to develop a successful social media strategy for your business
  • ·         How you can use cloud based hosting to cope with dynamic website traffic demands


The Internet Show Indonesia 2012 is a place where innovation is displayed, solutions are found and learning is done within the Indonesian business community. The 2-day conference will showcase the latest solutions in:

  • ·         Digital marketing
  • ·         Social media
  • ·         Cloud computing
  • ·         Online retail
  • ·         Mobile innovation

The Internet Show Indonesia is the only Indonesian business show that you should go to in 2012! For enquiries on exhibiting and sponsorship, please contact .  For more information, please email, or visit


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Адрес: Джакарта, Индонезия
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