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The DOE FOA is opening the door to licensing SMRs—How can you win the competition and commercialize SMRs? - Status and update on commercialization efforts for domestic and international SMR designs- Teaming and Joint Venture opportunities for Developers, Labs and Engineering/Construction companies- Meet potential international and domestic fleet-size customers- Achieving economies of replication and operation- How SMRs can attract investment and financing Small Modular Reactor (SMR) technology got a big bump: the US Department of Energy has issued an FOA which will contribute up to $904M to match the contributions of private investors to assist the licensing of two reactor designs by the NRC. This will position two teams to take a major step towards commercial deployment by 2022, and leave others scrambling to obtain the funding necessary to implement their designs. But international competition is looming—Chinese, Korean, Russian and other interests are forging ahead, looking to establish a dominant position in this emerging technology, and capture large potential international markets for SMRs. The race is now on to commercialize SMR technologies—a race that will involve forming public-private teams that will encompass nuclear developers, national labs, engineering firms and utilities to reach a new base of customers including the military, remote industrial sites and population centers. Commercializing Small Modular Reactors 2012 will bring together all of the communities in the SMR value chain to discuss how to build a new SMR industry. Leaders from the reactor developers, potential early adopter customers, defense contractors and manufacturers, utilities, and financial communities—communities that normally don’t communicate amongst themselves in the ordinary course of events—will be on hand to share their perspectives on what is needed to form efficient and effective teams to commercialize SMRs. REGISTER TODAY! Visit Our Site For More Details:
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