Стамбул, Турция 7 10 ноября / 2012


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The 13th China (Shanghai) International Floor Industry Exhibition

Китай, Шанхай
Международная выставка промышленных полов и напольных покрытий является крупнейшим мероприятием, которое предлагает решения для обустройства полов в...
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Rehacare & Orthopedic China

Китай, Гуанчжоу
Выставка R & OC - одно из ключевых мероприятий в отрасли здравоохранения всемирного масштаба, а также наиболее влиятельное в Китае. Цель события -...
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Jinhan Fair for Home&Gifts

Китай, Гуанчжоу
Премиальная выставка в отрасли продукции для дома и подарков – Jinhan Fair for Home & Gifts – откроется 21 апреля в Гуанчжоу. Эта выставка была...

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О выставке


The AYMOD Fair hosted numerous innovative products from platform heels to babettes, sneakers and to boots. Innovative products that help to lose weight, fight against cellulite and rheumatism received huge interest from visitors.
The 47th AYMOD International Footwear Fashion Fair brought together global players of the industry in the CNR Expo Istanbul for the debut of the 2012 Fall - 2013 Winter season footwear fashion. A total of 35 thousand 748 professional visitors of which 3 thousand 90 were foreign visited the AYMOD Fair this year.

The fair continues to grow

The 47th AYMOD International Footwear Fashion Fair, which is Turkey's largest and Europe's third largest footwear fair, brought together all stakeholders of the industry. The Fair was open for four days and it was organized by the Pozitif Trade Shows Inc., an affiliate of the CNR Holding, in collaboration with the TASEV (the Turkish Foundation for Research, Development and Training of the Footwear Industry), the TASD (the Turkish Association for Shoe Manufacturers), the TUAF (Turkish Federation for Footwear Manufacturers), the IAESO (Istanbul Chamber of Footwear Merchants and Artisans) and KOSGEB (the small and medium industry development organization). This year 35 thousand 748 professional visitors of which 3 thousand 90 were foreign visited the AYMOD Fair. Compared to last year's figures, the percentage of foreign visitors increased by 30% and in terms of square meters by 15 percent. Situated over an area of 60 thousand square meters, the fair did not only contribute to the economy but it also served as a platform to discuss sectoral problems.

Feet will Rejoice at Heated Footwear

The 47th AYMOD International Footwear Fashion Fair served as a meeting point for innovative products. Numerous functional products from those that burn fats while walking by activating abdominal muscles to heated footwear set their mark on the AYMOD Fair. The design that drew the highest attention was the heated footwear that can rise the temperature of the feet up to 65 degrees and is good for low back pain and rheumatism. Designed for countries in Asia and north of Asia in which winter months are long and cold, the footwear made its debut for the AYMOD Fair.

The impact of global warming on footwear design

Numerous interesting footwear designs were exhibited in the AYMOD Fair. The one that drew the highest attention was the exhibition by the Istanbul University students called "Ice Age". Inspired by climate change due to global warming, the students of the Istanbul University designed footwear to be worn in cold weather. The footwear designs that won the first nine places in the Footwear Design Competition organized by the IDMIB in 2011 were also exhibited. Serdar Bozok's ‘hamam' footwear design in the exhibition especially drew huge interest. The footwear design inspired by the nature by the students of Bilgi University also received huge interest.

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Место проведения

Место проведения: CNR EXPO Exhibition Center
Адрес: 34830 Yesilkoy, Стамбул, Турция
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