Soldier Technology US 2012

Арлингтон, США 23 26 января / 2013


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О конференции

Soldier Technology 2013 Effective Soldier Systems Modernization to Lighten the Load and Increase Situational Awareness For The Soldier & Marine What is Soldier Technology? Soldier Technology US is the annual gathering of senior soldier and marine system modernization leaders in Crystal City, Arlington where decisions about future capabilities for the small unit and squad take shape. It is the only place where over 550 government and industry program managers meet and learn from Pentagon, Army, Marine Corps and industry leadership about soldier system modernization requirements and business opportunities to unburden, connect, train and protect ever more lethal small units and squads. There is no better forum to monitor activity across the full spectrum of US and international soldier and marine systems acquisition programs than Soldier Technology US. Breaking News: Col Wil Riggins, Project Manager, Soldier Warrior, PEO Soldier, US Army confirms to update on Nett Warrior and other major procurement activity at Soldier Technology US 2013 - find out more What are the US Army and Marine Corps soldier systems priorities through 2012? As a result of unique research with key figures from US Army and US Marine Corps we now have a clear picture of soldier systems and marine requirements and acquisition activity through 2012. Detailed research has been carried out at US Army and US Marine Corps bases with soldier systems decision makers and soldier systems requirements setters including: - Colonel Peterson, TRADOC Capability Manager, Soldier, Maneuver Center of Excellence, Fort Benning - Directors of Joint and International Programs, PEO Soldier, Fort Belvoir - Colonel Bill Cunningham, Director, C2 Integration Directorate, USMC, Quantico The following soldier systems modernization areas have been highlighted by soldier systems program managers and requirements officers. Through 2012 they will invite industry to demonstrate their capabilities: - For surveillance domination - To attain close combat supremacy - To give soldiers greater cognitive presence Confirmed Speakers Include: - Mike McCarthy, PM & Director of Operations, Brigade Modernization Command - Mission Command Complex, US Army - Steve Mapes, Program Integrator, PM Ground Soldier, PEO Soldier - BG Pete Palmer, Director EDGE Innovation Network, General Dynamics C4 Systems - Col John Zavarelli, Program Manager Handheld, Manpack and Small Factor, Joint Tactical Radio Systems, JPEO JTRS Request The Full Speaker List Furthermore, if you are an industry organization targeting Nett Warrior, Joint Battle Command Platform or have a product or systems to meet the number 1 requirement for soldiers right now - weapon-mounted sights and sensors - your offerings are highly relevant for this senior audience. This crucial information and insight that will increase the value of the 2012 Soldier Technology event for the businesses that move fastest to partner. We are identifying industry partners that can meaningfully improve range, mobility, networking and sustainment of the soldier.
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Адрес: Арлингтон, США
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