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Шанхай, Китай 24 25 апреля / 2012


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О выставке

Biopharma China Congress 2011 & VacTech 2011, which were first organized by JFPS Group in the year of 2011 separately,have successfully attracted more than 280 professionals from over 140 companies in the biopharmaceutical and vaccine industry.Over 45 senior speakers from the leading biopharmaceutical and vaccine companies worldwide have been invited to share their experience in vaccine R&D and manufacturing and biopharma R&D partnering and trials.

Based on the great success of previous events in 2011,2nd annual Biopharma & VacTech China 2012 will disclose its curtain on April 24th-25th,2012,Shanghai,China.For 2012’s event,we will continuously specified the event into 2 streams Biopharma & Vaccine.Compared with the previous events,the 2012’s event is going to present heated topics including Regulation Expatiation,R&D Bottleneck,CRO&Clinical Trails,Bio-similars and etc from different perspective in a more detailed and extended way.Expectedly 300+ seniors executives and 40+leading speakers,CRO&Director will join the event,explore their best practices and talk about the toughest problems faced by the biopharma and vaccine industry!


Hot Topics for 2012’s Event:

Biopharma Stream:

Global trend & China’s strategy

Explanation of biopharma industry in China

Challenges of developing Biosimilars

Clinicial trails

Anti-cancer biological drug

Medical evaluaton and clinical operations

New Drug Discovery

Cell culture technology in protein therapeutics

Drug screening techonology

Innovative recombinant protein drug…

VacTech Stream:

Vaccine development in China under 12th-Five Year Plan

Supply and demand balance of vaccine manuafacturing

Emerging markets partnering opportunities

Global standard of CRO(FDA,GMP)

New drug delivery technology

Vaccine adjuvant

New vaccine adjuvant and its mechanism

Prospect and discovery for new generation of vaccine

TB vaccine,Cancer vaccine

Reverse vaccinology and novel pneumococcal vaccine

Your Eminent Speakers and Panelists:

Biopharma Stream:

Vice President,Asia Pacific R&D

Merk Sharp & Dohme

Director of Bioscience

AstraZeneca(AZ)Innovation Center China(ICC)

Head of China R&D,Senior Director,Asia Pacific


Director.Clinical Pharmacology

Novartis Pharmaceuticals

Senior Director,Medicinal Chemistry

GlaxoSmithKline R&D China


Genor BioPharma

VP and Head of R&D China

Alcon Laboratories Inc

President & Founder


Director,Diabetes Research China

Beijing Novo Nordisk Pharmaceuticals

Sr Director of AP OTC R&D


Managing Director

GLORAD-Research Center for Global R&D Management

Senior Director,Biology

Orchid Research Laboratories

VacTech Stream:


Shanghai Medical College of Fudan University

Director,Pharmaceutical Development

Medlmmune Vaccines Inc

Head of Antiviral Immunity & Genetic Therapy

Institute Pasteur of Shanghai

VP,Process Development


Chief,Vacine Production Program Lab

Vaccine Research Center,NIAID,NIH

Head,Technical Development,Viral

Novartis Vaccines&Diagnostics

Director of Immunology

Cancer Institute,Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences

Chief Operating Officer and Executive Vice President

Omthera Pharmaceuticals,Inc.

Technical Operations Leader


Senior Director,R&D

Merial Animal Health

Sr Director,Manufacturing Science and Technology

Pfizer Pharmaceuticals

Chief Scientific Officer

Cytos Biotechnology


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Место проведения

Адрес: Шанхай, Китай
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