3rd Annual Orphan Drug Summit

Лондон, Великобритания 24 26 июля / 2012


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О конференции

Improve your market access and commercialisation strategies

Seven years after its inception the European Union (EU) regulation on Orphan Medicinal Products has yielded over 500 orphan designations leading to some 45 orphan drugs been approved for marketing in the EU. Of these 500 over 60% were developed by leading companies or institutions based in Europe.

The success of the Orphan drug market in Europe which was initially enjoyed by some of the larger more well established companies is now being enjoyed by some of the more modest sized institutions with approximately 85% of orphan drug designations coming from small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs).

Are you ready to tap into this 35 million patient market?

Of course, it’s not as simple as that. And while it’s true that orphan drugs present a compelling opportunity for industry (and patients), it’s a much more complex picture, fraught with challenges and hurdles to overcome.

We’ve spoken to regulatory agencies, patient organizations and pharma/biotech companies like Celgene, GSK, Apogenix, Ablynx and Shire among others. People working on developing and delivering orphan drugs about the global trends in this industry and how best to access this 36 million patient market.

You’ve asked for a BD focused meeting packed with networking opportunities to make sure you meet with the key figures in the orphan drug space. A meeting, which brings together more patient organizations than any other meeting. That is why we have invited over 150 patient organisations from Europe to join allowing you to network with patient groups and identify the best partner for you portfolio.

The 3rd Annual Orphan Drug Summit will bring together a great cocktail of industry leaders from pharma/biotech companies, patient advocacy groups, government, regulators, investors and insurance companies to shares approaches, challenges and successes in orphan drug development. Take back the information and contacts you need to ensure that your orphan drug activities are fulfilling their potential.

Attend this meeting and you will:

·         Explore strategies to encourage investment, secure funding and maximize partnership potential to sustain orphan drug development

·         Apply lessons that big pharma have used to your own business to successfully enter the orphan drug space

·         Discuss how you can design and implement improved clinical trials for orphan drugs

·         Learn what approaches leading biotech companies are taking to turn promising therapies into treatment realities

·         Discover how a patient centered approach to orphan drug R&D and collaboration with patient advocacy groups will improve patient access

·         Benchmark your market access strategies to boost orphan drug portfolios 


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Место проведения

Место проведения: Hilton London Heathrow Airport Hotel
Адрес: Hounslow Middlesex, London, TW6 3AF, United Kingdom TW6 3AF, United Kingdom, Лондон, Великобритания
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