Gift A Plant Go Greener

Катманду, Непал 22 апреля / 2012

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О выставке

Eco-Green Cultural Home, is an under department of "Long live Nepal-China Friendly Association" which main theme/works is to preserve and promote environment issues and cultural values.

"Gift A Plant. Go Greener" is a unique environmental activity that combines tree-planting, hiking and a challenge of self-endurance. We invite all nature lovers to experience the challenge of tree-planting work and spread the message to "Plant a Wish for a Better Climate".

Theme of 2012: Plant a Wish for a Better Climate.

Forests and climate are closely linked. Facing the global climate change, this year's "Gift a Plant Go Greener" specially set the theme as "Plant a Wish for a Better Climate" Through the participating in the tree planting event, you are alert of the impact of climate change. Let's take action to reduce our carbon footprint in alleviating global warming.

EGCH You join hands and take action in:

Planting 10,000 seedlings. When the tree grows up, they can help modulate the climate Trying best to reduce carbon emission during the event to make the "Gift a Plant. Go Greener 2012" becomes "carbon neutral"

Supporting low carbon lifestyle! We cannot fight against the worsening climate change problem through only one tree-planting activity. Our planets needs your long-term commitment in environmental-friendly living.

Your Mission…

To plant a designated number of seedlings and complete an approximate distance of 24 km on a designate 8 hours. To carry seedlings

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Место проведения

Адрес: Катманду, Непал
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