Cancer Genome Sequencing

Бостон, США 4 6 декабря / 2012


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О конференции

Cancer Genome Sequencing


TTrTranslating the cancer genome into better drug and diagnostic development

6-8 December,


The World’s Largest and Most Influential Cancer Genome Sequencing Meeting for Drug and Diagnostic Developers

It took 50 years and over $3bn to fully sequence the human genome, following Watson and Crick’s 1953 groundbreaking discovery on the structure of DNA.

With advances in sequencing technologies, the goal of sequencing a genome in 24 hours costing as little as $1000 is fast becoming a reality. 

Cancer is a disease of the genome.

Understanding and exploiting this has been the goal of scientists for decades but only with the revolution in ease of sequencing, are major strides being made. With inexpensive sequencing helping drive innovation the next hurdle to overcome lies within translation.

How can I use the information gleaned from cancer genome sequencing to optimize the development of better and more personalized anticancer therapies?

Who’s doing this work and how easy is it to turn better understanding into better drug development? Imagine yourself in a room crowded with scientists from the leading pharma, biotech and academic organizations all speaking about current cancer genome projects. 

The Cancer Genome Sequencing meeting is the world’s only commercially focussed meeting dedicated to helping drug developers overcome challenges in bridging the gap between cancer genome sequencing and the development of personalized therapies. Computational biology, translational sciences and cancer genomics experts at the likes of Novartis, Genentech and Pfizer will be debating the optimal approaches to bioinformatics, target identification and clinical development.

Key themes being explored at Cancer Genome Sequencing

·         Analysis of sequence information is hard to coordinate, expensive and time consuming –  so how are Pfizer and Novartis processing data and transforming it in to clinical applications? 

·         What are the best strategies currently being used in industry for incorporating knowledge of the cancer genome into the development of better cancer drugs? Hear from industry experts at AstraZeneca, Merck, Genentech and MedImmune

·         How are researchers at Merck distinguishing between driver and passenger mutations, and what do these mean for drug development?

·         Discover how novel adaptive trials are being used by Daiichi Sankyo to integrate cancer genome information

·         Get updates on the leading cross industry efforts like the Cancer Cell Line Encyclopedia, Cancer Genome Atlas and Clinical Proteomic Tumor Analysis Consortium

·         Approaches for optimizing bioinformatics analysis, translation and storage for aiding drug discovery are highlighted Novartis, Merck and BIDMC


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 Call: +1 212 537 5898






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Адрес: Бостон, США
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