Molecular Diagnostics for Cancer Drug Development

Бостон, США 25 28 июня / 2012


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After two high-profile companion diagnostic approvals in 2011, the race is on amongst oncology drug developers to develop the next personalized cancer therapeutic. But it’s not easy translating complex cancer biology into predictive molecular marker identification and ultimately a single, defined diagnostic test on a drug label.

Molecular Diagnostics for Cancer Drug Development has become the must-attend forum for cancer and diagnostic professionals trying to navigate the biomarker-driven oncology drug development space.  This event will profile those at the cutting-edge of personalized medicine in oncology to give you a thorough review of end to end drug and diagnostic development from discovery to commercialization, including the regulatory environment, pharma/biotech strategies and emerging technologies.


The Molecular Diagnostics for Cancer Drug Development meeting is the perfect place to meet  drug industry leaders and pioneering researchers to learn the latest approaches for stratifying patient populations with molecular diagnostics and how to increase your oncology drug program’s chance of success. Here are just some of the topics our experts will be addressing:

Where are we now with the development, approval and commercialization of companion diagnostics in oncology? What are the different patient stratification strategies companies are taking, both in large pharma and smaller drug developing companies?

What does the regulatory and reimbursement landscape of CDx development look like? How do we ensure a CDx product gets on to the market and achieves return on investment?

Prospective versus retrospective biomarker identification and development – what are some of the successes and failures? How have organizations overcome the challenges associated with each approach?

How do you successfully translate treatment stratification markers from bench to bedside and move from a research grade assay towards a clinically useful diagnostic test?

What are the latest tools and technologies for molecular profiling and whole genome sequencing? How do we apply them most effectively in personalized medicine development? And what is their diagnostic and clinical utility?  

What are the partnering and collaboration opportunities for biomarker discovery and diagnostic development? How does the academic community and research fit into achieving personalized medicine in oncology?

How do we most effectively integrate biomarkers into clinical trials to accelerate development time and success of the trials?

How do we ensure access to tissue samples needed for MDx, both in terms of using biorepositories and acquiring your own clinical samples? 


Whether you are new to the field or expanding your existing capabilities around biomarker development and companion diagnostics in Oncology, this meeting is a one-stop shop of the latest developments and strategies you need to be aware of. That means anyone involved with:

·         Oncology

·         Biomarkers 

·         (Companion) diagnostics 

·         Molecular profiling 

·         Translational medicine

·         Personalized medicine

·         Pharmacogenomics/pharmacogenetics 

·         Pathology

With the focus on drug developers’ challenges, there will be more senior decision makers from drug developers on the agenda than any other meeting of its kind. 

If you’re a drug developer: The agenda, speakers and contacts at this meeting will allow you to develop a comprehensive strategy for integrating predictive biomarkers into your drug development and to deliver a companion diagnostic to market. The agenda will show you how your peers are overcoming the same challenges you are facing and the world leading diagnostic developers will be in the same room to provide solutions. 

If you’re a diagnostics developer: Because of the focus on drug developers’ needs, this meeting creates the perfect environment for you to network with key decision-makers. Oncology drug developers committed to personalised medicine who are looking for solutions. You’ll find yourself having more conversations with drug developers that lead to the prospect of business. You’ll understand the needs of your principal target market. AND learn how other diagnostic developers are addressing the same issues you're facing.

If you’re an innovative technology or service provider: You’ll get to meet the world’s leading diagnostic and drug developers, all under the same roof at the same time. 


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Место проведения

Место проведения: Westin Waterfront Hotel
Адрес: 425 Summer Street, Boston, Massachusetts, Бостон, США
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