Джакарта, Индонезия 4 5 июля / 2012


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The 6th China Xinjiang International Construction Machine Building, Machinery and Haulage Vehicle Expo

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О конференции

Asia’s place to benchmark with global geothermal developers from Indonesia, Iceland, USA, Germany, Turkey, New Zealand, Chile and Africa among other booming countries.


Currently Indonesia is the world's third largest geothermal electricity producer after the United States and the Philippines; it has 40% of the world's potential geothermal resources.


85% of Indonesia Geothermal remains untapped and the government has set aside funds for investment in 9,500 MW of geothermal plants by 2025. This process to remove the barriers may include amendment of geothermal and forest conservation law.


The World Geothermal Energy Summit 2012 brings together all the stakeholders from across the geothermal spectrum to find solutions to financial, regulatory and technical challenges, and to increase the role of geothermal in the world’s energy mix.


Government regulators are requested to provide clear regulations on projects invested in Indonesia and they need to have credit worthiness to support developers/investors projects against foreign risk exchange; as well as legislation supporting R&D, the immediate development of EGS plants, risk insurance and applicable feed-in-tariffs.


On top of that, exploration and development implies severe risks which can actually be died down with new technologies such as Scaling Treatment, EGS, CCS, Deep Drilling, Portable Wellhead Generators and Binary Power Plants. About these and other procedures we will discuss next July in Jakarta.


Governments with policies to support renewable energy developments are also required to provide a funding (either as investment, grant or loan) to geothermal developments by investors and landowners. At the moment, banks, support programs, research organizations and private investors undertake this assignment.


Geothermal energy is expected to play a leading role as the sole energy supply. Discover from our experts to which geographies the future of this cleaner and safer energy is moving by the use of new technologies in utilization and exploration which are revealing areas never been geothermal considered, and thereby substantially increasing the proportional contribution of geothermal energy.


Plus we will discuss the impact of CDM mechanisms on the world’s geothermal growth markets in Asia, South America, Africa, and the rest of the world. CDM and future CFMech are expected to enhace the development of new geothermal facilities in developing countries and therefore, your revenue will increase.


Unquestionably, this is the place to match global financing and technology with erupting growth markets in the world’s geothermal community.

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Адрес: Джакарта, Индонезия
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