Бостон, США 26 28 июня / 2012


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О конференции

Approaches to Optimize Immune Response, Enhance Clinical Development & Drive Commercial Performance 
26 – 28 June 2012
Boston, MA

Unlock the potential of your anti-cancer drug.

Dendreon hit all the headlines when Provenge got approval. Then Ipilimumab. And just beneath the surface, a host of others are starting to make waves. With MAGE, PROSTVAC and several other products knocking on the door of market approval, what are you doing to ensure your drug reaches these heights?

Designed by Merck Serono, Immatics Biotechnologies, DCPrime, MedImmune, FDA, Oxford Biomedica and many others, the Cancer Vaccines & Active Immunotherapeutics 3rd Annual Summit will bring together key opinion leaders to discuss and debate different approaches to help you navigate the clinic, boost the immune response and jump over every regulatory hurdle en route to market.

With a strong focus on combination approaches, novel adjuvants and immunomodulators, you will leave the meeting armed with the best strategies to develop successful anti-cancer drugs. Our other Cancer Vaccines meetings were acclaimed by delegates for doing just that. 

What will be covered on the agenda?

  • Hear case studies on a diverse range of immunomodulators and adjuvantswhich mediate meaningful anti-tumor clinical responses
  • Discover how to enhance the potency of your cancer vaccine by combining it with other types of therapy
  • Learn how to design clinical studies to maximize the potential of cancer immunotherapeutic candidates and implement strategies to identify the patients that will benefit
  • Get advice from the FDA on how to manage regulatory obstacles to ensure successful cancer vaccine development
  • Find out how to use biomarkers to predict the efficacy of your cancer immunotherapeutic
  • Overcome challenges faced during development of cancer vaccines that targetalternate routes of immunization
  • Implement an evidence-based medicine approach to ensure that your cancer immunotherapeutic demonstrates value, affordability and a compelling clinical risk to benefit balance


Why attend?

  •  The meeting focuses on delivering content that is of practical value, pushing existing boundaries in the cancer vaccine space and helping to grow your business and research
  • Meet and network with the key players in the field and leave the conference with an array of new ideas and contacts to take back to your organization


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Место проведения

Место проведения: Sheraton Boston Hotel
Адрес: 39 Dalton Street, Бостон, США
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