RI-IOTF - Reunion Island & Indian Ocean Trade Fair

Сен-Дени, Франция 3 11 марта / 2012


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К сожалению, билеты закончились, но у нас есть другие выставки, которые вы можете посетить.

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Это мероприятие уже закончилось.

Вы можете подобрать другие интересные события в нашем календаре, или воспользоваться поиском:

О выставке

The Saint-Denis Exhibition and Conference Centre.

4 interior halls

(2650m² Hall A - 2500m² Hall B - 600m² Hall C - 3500m² Hall D)

The hall has been renovated on 2009 with all modern amenities and technology.

The Saint-Denis Exhibition and Conference Centre are on the top 5 of the most visited hall in France.

Capacity: maximum of 1000 booth of 9 m² (Indoor & outdoor).

Our Experience.

REO S.A.R.L is located in Reunion, France and is owned by M. Kelvin Yee Sing SAY & M. Vikash PURBHOO (Prosalon Ltée).We have been organizing trade & commercial fairs since 2001, our operations were based in Mauritius. We are now developing our business in Reunion Island to grab the opportunity

offered by this European region and also to set-up international events in this area.

Some event organised by Prosalon Ltée.

- Le Salon de la Maison (Home Show) held in Freeport Mauritius

- Le Salon de l’Habitat (Home decoration Show) held in Free-Port Mauritius

- Le Salon l’Auto d’Occasion et des accessoires (Car and Car accessories Show) held in CurepipeMauritius

- Le SalonMade in France (All French products & French companies in the IndianOcean) held in Free-PortMauritius

- Le Salon des Sports et Loisirs (Sports & Leisure Show) held in Free-Port Mauritius

- Maurice Expo (International Show with exhibitors from India, Singapore, Malaysia, Madagascar,

France, UK, Thailand, Egypt & South Africa) held in Free-Port Mauritius

- Le Salon du Mariage et des Festivités (Wedding and Festivities show) held in Free-Port Mauritius

- Equip’Hôtel – Equip’Entreprise (Hotel and Restaurant equipments – Companies equipments Show BtoB event) held in Free-Port Mauritius

All these Trade fairs and Show were subjected to the Mauritius Government, and authorizations copy of permit and photos are available on our web site: www.events.re

Publicity, Communication & Promotion.

As an Organizer with vast experience, we understand the great importance in publicity and communication for the event. With that in mind, below are the details of our media plans:

- 3X4 billboard (10 days before the event and during the event)

- News paper (5 days before the event and during the event)

- Radio (5 days before the event and during the event)

- T.V (5 days before the event and during the event)

- Flyers (100 000 ex) (5 days before the event and 1st week of the event)

- Free entrance voucher (10 000 ex) (2 days before the event and 3 first days of the event)

- T.V, Radio, Press conference (1 week before the event and on the opening day)

- Special deal with T.V and Radio to make daily program from the exhibition hall

- Web site (1 month before the event)

- Free Exhibitors’ catalogue with location and plan (during the event)

- Lucky Draws (during the event)

- 2000 VIPs Pass/Invitation formajors companies (Directors,Mangers, and owners) fromthe IndianOcean regions.


We are expecting about 40 000 (publics) visitors from Reunion Island to attend the event, and about 1 000 visitors from the region.

We will invite 2 000 company’s directors, managers, owners to the event.

We can help arrange BtoB meeting for exhibitors who are looking for local or regional agent or representative, or for exhibitors who want to set up business in Reunion Island.

Visitors entrance fees: 4€

Free visitors parking, package with bus and entrance fees…

Exhibitor’s facilities.

We can help or provide the following services for exhibitors:

- Airlines booking (With our partners), Hotels booking, Car rent, Cargo (With our partners).

- Special menu with (Chinese, Indian & European food restaurant)

- Translation (English/French/English), Sales force (English spoken)

- Mobile phone Sim card (With our partners).

- On demand services

- Visas facilities letter

- Taxi and inland travelling services

- After show tourism visits

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Место проведения

Адрес: Сен-Дени, Франция
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