Париж, Франция 17 18 ноября / 2012


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К сожалению, билеты закончились, но у нас есть другие выставки, которые вы можете посетить.

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Это мероприятие уже закончилось.

Вы можете подобрать другие интересные события в нашем календаре, или воспользоваться поиском:

О выставке

Grand Oriental Wedding fair, the appointment of professionals of 1001 nights.

The 6th edition of the Grand Oriental Wedding Show, the only show of reference in Europe, will be held on 17 and 18 November 2012 in the mythical Halle de la Villette in Paris. If the wedding is the happiest day, the secret craftsmen of 1001 nights exposes himself with pomp and pleasure to share the expertise of an ancient culture.

The 6th edition Grand Wedding Show Oriental meet this fall in Paris, an exhibition that aims to highlight the specificities and cultural wealth of art nuptial du Monde Arabe.

In the landscape of wedding salons general, the Grand Oriental Wedding Fair, has brought together the characteristics that make the richness of this double culture.

For 5 years we will satisfy you and bring you the best have created unique relationships between us and these links are the guarantors of the success of this exceptional event of 1001 nights.

The experience and reputation of the Grand Oriental Wedding Fair to be held this year on 17 and 18 November, will bring together 150 exhibitors and 20,000 visitors. The event will take place in two days, an overview of all professionals dream halal food, banquet halls, decorators, Negafa, wedding gowns and traditional dresses, designers, calligraphers, henna tattoo artists with rhinestones and diamond powder, makeup demonstrations Lebanese and stands makeover ...

The parade Arabian Fashion Show invites visitors to meet the trends of high fashion in the Arab world. As every year the Grand Wedding Show Oriental, offers already many surprises (Entertainment Bollywood, parades, demonstrations of various wedding rituals: Berbers, Indians, through the Maghreb in all these components folk.

In the Muslim tradition, marriage plays a major role, since it is the social foundation of the family structure, which involves mobilization of families from an early age, and contribute over time to the preparation of this event as expected.

We share 5 years a common passion, the desire to highlight the expertise of exceptional craftsmen, and this is our raison d'être. We note that for 5 years new professionals from all backgrounds interested in oriental wedding, and this diversity brings unique cultural enrichment, and we will continue to encourage these initiatives.

We can not say enough, marriage is a matter of heart and passion, and this is the main reason that we can encourage all projects and ideas that are consistent and interest general future (s) bride (s).

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Место проведения

Место проведения: La Grande Halle de la Villette
Адрес: Parc de la Villette, 19. Arrondissement, Париж, Франция
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