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Мангейм, Германия 29 30 сентября / 2012


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К сожалению, билеты закончились, но у нас есть другие выставки, которые вы можете посетить.

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Это мероприятие уже закончилось.

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О выставке

For the first time in October, Horizon will now take place in Mannheim - some fifty universities, companies and consultants from the region, but also from all over Germany and from abroad are already looking forward to today motivated visitors.

Students will have in the near future, the high school in the pocket, make a lot of thought to their academic and professional future. German universities offer many opportunities: More than 12,000 different courses to make the right choice difficult. If you have found the appropriate subject area, provides for the future students usually still the question whether a purely academic or work-study programs should be completed. The dual degree is valued by both students and employers more and more. Achieve a degree program at a vocational college or university students through the dual optimal combination of theory and practice in just three years, both a bachelor's and a diploma. Theory and practice blocks alternate continuously, with the practical content are always tuned to the theory. Practical approach, gathering experience and involvement in the real world of business for employers and employees are big pluses. In the Horizon meet students of the Gymnasium and vocational high school and junior high school student seeking a baccalaureate, to contact regional businesses for the

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Место проведения

Место проведения: Congress Center Rosengarten Mannheim
Адрес: Rosengartenplatz 2, Мангейм, Германия
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