Stem Cells for Drug Developers Conference

Бостон, США 27 29 марта / 2012


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О конференции

HOW can you improve pipeline efficiency and save time and money by using stem cell-derived models?

Make no mistake: ‘How’ is the key question.

Excitement has been spreading for years about the potential stem cells and stem cell-derived models offer to the drug development process.

That’s hardly surprising given the industry’s problems with R&D productivity. Stem cells provide powerful new tools that are urgently needed to develop safe and effective drugs quicker and more cheaply. Which really means picking winning candidates, getting them to the clinic faster, and ultimately improving outcomes for patients.

The rationale is simple, and the benefits are obvious. But it all comes back to HOW.

“There are enough generic stem cell BUSINESS meetings. It’s time to discuss how to apply stem cells to improve drug development”

You’ve told us it’s time for a SCIENTIFIC meeting. One that gathers representatives from large and innovative drug developers and leading academic researchers to talk about the commercial application of stem cells in drug development.

In designing the agenda, we’ve spoken to pharma/biotech companies likeAstraZeneca, Roche, Novartis, Abbott, Biogen Idec, GSK, AVEO Pharmaceuticals, Fate Therapeutics and leading academics from the Wyss Institute, Edinburgh University and The Buck Institute among others. People already developing and using stem cell-derived models.

The 2nd Stem Cells for Drug Developers meeting in Berlin will bring together a great mix of industry leaders from pharma and academia to address the current scientific and practical barriers and discuss new opportunities to revolutionise your drug development process using stem cells. 

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Call: +44 203 141 8700

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Место проведения

Адрес: Бостон, США
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