The Midcentury Lords May Show

Лондон, Великобритания 27 мая / 2012


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О выставке

Bang in the heart of St John’s Wood at the spiritual home of cricket, come and purchase directly from the best of our mid-century dealers. Enjoy walking around and chatting to 50 top dealers selling design classics from the behemoths of design including Wegner, Eames, Jacobsen, Nelson and Day.

Lords’ Midcentury.Modern overlooks the stunning Stirling Prize winner of a raised pod, the Media Centre designed by Future Systems, which, for all the architectural trainspotters out there, was the first aluminium, semi-monocoque building in the world built and fitted-out in two boatyards using boat-building technology. Not the easiest stream of consciousness to spout at a dinner party. You can also take in a view of the Mound Stand, designed by Sir Michael Hopkins and the Grandstand by Nicholas Grimshaw, and maybe even get a glimpse of some cricket practice for the seven pounds door entrance.  

Dealers Include:
Twentieth Century Interiors
Post War Design & Before
London Timepiece
Desirable Design
The Modern Warehouse
20th Century Marks
Vintage Unit
Steel Vintage
Kisci Haz
Scandinavian by Design
mcm interiors
Atomic Antiques
Firefly House
ID London
Orange & Brown
The Modern Danish Warehouse
Twentieth Century Antiques


Everything at the show can be bought, leased or ordered on the day from a range of dealers including. Tickets can be bought now for a pound less than the usual £7 directly from the website  Tickets are available on the day but if the queues get too long we let those who have paid online in first.

Please be aware that buggies are no longer allowed into any of our events and small children’s hands need to be held as pieces have been broken in the past.

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Место проведения

Место проведения: Lord's Cricket Ground
Адрес: Saint John's Wood Road, Лондон, Великобритания
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