Pharma Market Research Conference

Parsippany, США 7 8 февраля / 2012

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О выставке

The Pharma Market Research Conference is the key to uncovering knowledge and developing new business relationships.
All the major players in the pharmaceutical industry are very well-represented.  However, we also take great measures to make 
sure this conference remains intimate and exclusive.  For example, the limited exhibitor spots are available to only premier 
providers.  This helps ensure a high-quality and productive event for everyone attending.

More than 250 people came in 2011.  They walked away with invaluable information, meaningful interaction with the industry’s best 
speakers, as well as new business opportunities.  The participants’ feedback shows this was an overwhelmingly successful event.  
Due to this incredible enthusiasm and support, 2012 is on track to be even bigger and bigger.  This conference happens only 
once a year, so be sure to take advantage of this amazing opportunity!
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Место проведения

Адрес: Parsippany, США
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