FP7 - Project Management and Audits in Brussels

Брюссель, Бельгия 22 23 марта / 2012

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О семинаре

Need new ideas to better implement your project and be prepared for an audit? We bring our expertise to you.

The training will introduce a hands-on approach to FP7 project management, highlighting the changes in the financial framework and implementation guidelines for FP7.

FP7 -Project Management and Audits

Day 1

  • Coordinating a project - how to deal with the difficulties.
  • Negotiating an FP7 Grant Agreement - hints and typical mistakes. Successful and unsuccessful negotiations. What went wrong?
  • Consortium Agreement - how do you protect your interests and Intellectual Property Rights?
  • Getting started - set up communication and decision-making system, quality assurance. Organise the kick-off meeting...
  • Keeping your records - efficient project management systems in practice, eligible and non-eligible costs, cost statements. Upgrading your system for FP7.
  • Financial Rules of FP7 - all you need to know about eligibility, guarantee fund, payment methods, overhead calculation and a lot more...
  • Reporting - milestones and deliverables, critical path. What to report and how - financial and technical reporting.
  • WORKSHOP: Management case-scenarios: Participants are divided into groups to solve real life cases

Day 2

  • Project closure and monitoring - getting prepared for EC audits.
  • Getting the maximum out of your FP7project - direct and indirect benefits. Making your project go beyond just the deliverables.
  • WORKSHOP: Financial reporting - Participants prepare a financial report for FP7, based on ”dummy” invoices and time records generated for each participant


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Место проведения

Адрес: Брюссель, Бельгия
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