PHOTON's Solar Terawatt-hours Conference Series 2012 Europe

Берлин, Германия 26 28 марта / 2012

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О конференции

PHOTON - the world's-leading PV publisher - has established a unique series of conferences to provide decision makers in the fi elds of business and technology with comprehensive updates on the new investment opportunities and challenges in the solar sector. In 2012, these events, taking place in the US, Europe and Asia, will cover:

Supply, demand & pricing: Overview on current and emerging markets
Production technology: Latest trends in manufacturing silicon, wafers, cells and thin-film modules
Investments / start-ups: Insights from stock-listed market leaders and promising new solar companies
Cost reduction: How to decrease costs for key products all along the PV value chain
Utility-scale systems: Strategies of downstream leaders, project developers and utilities for big solar power plants
Grid connection & inverters: Concepts for low-cost, high-efficiency inverters for connecting large amounts of solar reliably and safely to the grid
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Место проведения

Адрес: Берлин, Германия
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