Financing Low Cost Housing: Africa

Найроби, Кения 28 31 марта / 2012


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О конференции

The Financing Low-Cost Housing Africa meeting will be your one stop shop to meeting all key stakeholders and creating a housing strategy that will increase access to housing at the base of the pyramid.

Commercial funders, MFIs, NGOs, building contractors, material suppliers, central and national government and property developers come together at this year’s Low-Cost Housing Summit; Africa to address 4 key areas: 

1. Creating An Urban Infrastructure

·         Find out what land policy regulation is being written in your country to facilitate access to land 

·         Understand the level of commitment to low-cost housing projects on behalf of central banks and local regulators 

·         Hear first hand from national governments on their role in attracting foreign investment and reducing investor risk

2. Increasing Investment To Achieve Scale

·         Benefit from an update on the opportunities for commercial investors looking to commit to housing microfinance 

·         Find out how risks can be minimized by investing in specific housing funds and promoting strong partnerships with local government

3. Delivering Finance and Technical Assistance in Practice

·         Understand the role of the MFI as a delivery channel: What housing finance models are available, and what works in practice? 

·         MFIs: Find out how to create the perfect partnership with investors and building contractors 

·         Analyze the importance of housing support services for your clients in addition to funding

4. Using The Right Low-Cost Housing Technologies

·         Find out what technologies are available in this market place Uncover what new low-cost materials are in the pipeline 

·         Make contact with local and international suppliers

For more information and to download the meeting agenda, please visit:

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Место проведения

Место проведения: KICC (Kenyatta International Conference Centre)
Адрес: Kenyatta International Conference Centre, Найроби, Кения
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