Asset Integrity Management & Risk-Based Inspection

Йоханнесбург, ЮАР 12 14 марта / 2012

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О тренинге

Asset Integrity Management & Risk-Based Inspection Masterclass

Neoedge’s 3-day workshop on ‘Asset Integrity Management & Risk-Based Inspection Masterclass’, will empower participants with advanced tools and methodologies to successfully plan, initialize and implement high-level inspection, maintenance and integrity assurance framework.

Course Highlights:

  • Learn importance of incorporating RBI in Asset Integrity Management for greater plant optimisation
  • Discover a more cost-effective alternative to traditional inspection, usually by means of non-destructive examination (NDE)
  • Identify & Discuss mitigation strategies to lower consequence of failure (COF) and that may impact likelihood of failure (LOF)
  • Leverage on unique risk drivers for pressure equipment, topsides equipment, storage tanks and pipelines.
  • Upgrade inspection & turnaround planning through value-added methodologies
  • Gain hands-on experience in performing gap analysis test and identifying control measures
  • Prioritise audit/control in providing an efficient and streamlined approach to RBI
  • Exclusive opportunity for participants to pick brains of a leading asset integrity management expert – bring your inspection and maintenance planning challenges along to receive expert feedback and direction.
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Место проведения

Место проведения: Radisson Blu (SAS) Gautrain Hotel
Адрес: 131 West Street Sandton 2196 Johannesburg South Africa, Йоханнесбург, ЮАР
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