China (Dalian) International Garment&textile Fair

Далянь, Китай 8 11 сентября / 2012


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К сожалению, билеты закончились, но у нас есть другие выставки, которые вы можете посетить.

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О выставке

CIGF is the first (founded in 1988)specialized exhibition of clothing and textiles, approved by the State Council of China, in 1991 - was approved status of "International" exhibition. After a decade of fruitful work, 2002.10.24 in Paris, on the occasion of the 69th UFI Congress in Munich, CIGF Dalian received the status of a member of UFI. At present, the Exhibition is one of five leaders of the 150 similar exhibitions, registered in the PRC. Supported by the Ministry of Commerce of the PRC, China Textile Council and Dalian Government, in 2011, 2012 CIGF continues to consolidate its activities as "an important platform for international brands entering the Chinese market", the "center of creativity and fashion trends," to improve the "framework of promoting national independent brands." Long-term success and recognition CIGF is of great importance for the strategy of modernization and development of the industrial bases in north-eastern region (including the textile and clothing industry), cooperation with Dalian ecinimic bonded area. Annually, in early September CIGF held since 1988. During the 23 years of work has become an effective platform for the conclusion of business agreements, holding forums and seminars. Importantly, the only exhibition CIGF Dalian, China ensconces the largest number of fashion shows ,including high fashion, young designers shows, domestic brands, etc., which allows new overseas brands entrant to the Chinese market, already present brands - effectively and efficiently promote theirs products. During the exhibition in 2011,for four days (September 3-6) was held on 11 catwalks, including five with French, Canadian fashion designers, Japanese young designers. Over two decades of work, through participation in Dalian CIGF over 600 foreign brands and marks entranced on Chinese market, including D
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Место проведения

Место проведения: Dalian world Expo Center
Адрес: 中国辽宁省大连市中山区, Далянь, Китай
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