Annual National Public Sector Executive Assistant Summit

Канберра, Австралия 27 28 марта / 2012


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О конференции

Strengthening Your Performance by Developing Strategic Skills to Advance the Executive Support Role in the Public Sector 27 & 28 March Novotel, Canberra Professionals in the position of providing executive support are faced with varying and demanding expectations. To be effective in their support position requires continual upkeep of knowledge and development of skills in order to support their executives’ operational purpose and ensure professional success. This event differentiates itself from other offerings in that it targets a number of key practical issues and challenges and is presented by experts and trainers to ensure practical take-away value for participants. This winning formula is enhanced by the presence of practical panels offering the opportunity to maximise relevance as key questions directed at peers will be answered. Over the course of two days, issues encompassing strategic communication, relationship strengthening, leadership and influence, and many more will be explored through expert instruction. A focus on encouraging meaningful discussion between delegates throughout the summit will facilitate the exchange of ideas, observations, and deliberation to ensure a deeper understanding. This event is a must for all Public Sector executive support professionals wishing to advance their skills, enhance their value, inspire new ideas and re-ignite their passion for making a difference in their organisation. To Download the Full Brochure - Learning Outcomes: • Strengthening Communication, Relationships and Expanding Networks • Developing Personal Resilience to Cope with Continuous Change • Handling Issues with Strategic Tact • Demonstrating Leadership and Influence through Management and Impact Who Will Attend: • Public and private sector professionals involved in: • Executive Assistant • Personal Assistant • Executive Support • Executive Coordinators • Executive Officers • Project Officers • Administration Staff • Office Managers • Departmental Assistants / Coordinators • Business Support 
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Место проведения

Адрес: Канберра, Австралия
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