EASDP Congress

Толедо, Испания 19 21 сентября / 2012


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О выставке

 Three compelling reasons for attending the congress

1. An exciting business programme that looks at the industry as it is now, the new environment ofSoLoMo it is operating in and suggest ways to gain relevance and new users and regain investor confidence.
The business programme is co-organised by EASDP and BIA Kelsey.

The business information session is organised by 

Whether your core business is

-Local search
-Lead generation
-Yellow pages
-Business information
-Social media

or  whether you are a supplier of these industries, the programme will give you new insights and plenty of new ideas to serve your customers.

2. A great networking opportunity

Meet your peers for an exchange of ideas, experiences and  concerns.

If you are a service provider, you will have plenty of opportunities to meet clients and potential clients.

Prime exhibition spaces are at your disposal, which will be located right in the main lobby, as the whole hotel is exclusively reserved for EASDP. Your stand will be in the centre of things, as all meals and breaks will be organised next to you!

Three evening parties in wonderful settings on the themes of the history of the city and the gastronomy of the region will give you more opportunities to network while enjoying yourself.

3. A wonderful city to discover

World Heritage City Toledo was once the capital city of Spain. Toledo is a magic place, probably one of the most spectacular cities in the world. The buildings and winding streets contained within the old city walls hold hundreds of years of history, and the River Tajo which runs alongside the city walls adds to its charm and beauty.

Toledo is famed for being an example of early tolerance. Between the 9th and 15th centuries, the city was the centre of La Convivencia – the peaceful coexistence of Muslims, Jews and Christians in medieval Spain.

As a result the city became a major centre where ideas were exchanged between the three communities.

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Место проведения

Адрес: Толедо, Испания
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