Prevention and Risk Controls for Occupational Violence Conference

Мельбурн, Австралия 21 23 февраля / 2012


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О конференции

Occupational violence and aggression is a continuing problem in many service sectors in Australia, with health and community facing public service organisations in particular at risk. The effects of occupational violence and aggression have significant adverse impacts for both the victim, however also their organisations who must deal with significant peripheral impacts and costs. The obvious costs of psychological and physical harm very real consequences in many cases, however the organisations dealing with these issues must demonstrate a strong commitment to ensure employees are equipped to perform their roles as safely as possible, and in line with relevant Occupational Health and Safety legislation. This conference has been designed to provide a practical perspective on how organisations operating in ‘at risk’ environments can reduce the number of incidents through a variety of preventative measures, and also better manage the impacts of these adverse incidents when they do occur. This unique conference will look specifically into proactive risk mitigation strategies and controls employed in a variety of organisations and sectors to reduce the impact of and frequency of occupational violence and aggression. Content is brought to life through practical case studies and analysis of different organisation’s varying approaches in addressing and reducing occupational violence. This event provides a unique opportunity for professionals, managers and employees who are seeking to promote safety culture and mitigate occupational violence in the workplace to share their knowledge and successful strategies with other like-minded individuals. Delegates will also have opportunities to conduct in-depth discussion, exchange ideas and experiences and develop their working relationships and expand professional networks.


• Effective Risk Assessment, Mitigation and Prevention Strategies for Maintaining Employee Safety and Wellbeing

• Apply Evidence-Based Strategies and Training to ‘At Risk’ Employees

• Increasing Employee Awareness and Responsiveness and Driving a Zero Harm Culture

• Managing Occupational Stress and Mental Health Impacts of Violence in High Risk Environments

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Место проведения

Адрес: Мельбурн, Австралия
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