Пекин, Китай 29 августа 2 сентября / 2012


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К сожалению, билеты закончились, но у нас есть другие выставки, которые вы можете посетить.

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О выставке

The Beijing International Book Fair (BIBF), now held seventeen times since its inception in 1986, continues to uphold its principle of “introducing excellent books from around the world into China and leading Chinese books to the world”. Over the past twenty years, the BIBF has been an event of the utmost importance to publishers, and has received major support and participation from domestic and overseas book and publishing industries, gradually confirming BIBF's international brand status, and turning it into a major international publishing event incorporating copyright trade, book trade, cultural events, displays, consultation services and professional networking.
The 17th Beijing International Book Fair was held August 30- September 3, 2010, in the China International Exhibition Center. The exhibition area covered 43,000m2 with 2,150 stands. 1,841 exhibitors from 58 countries, regions and international organizations attended the fair and displayed more than 200,000 book titles.In terms of number of booths, attending countries and amount of books on display, it exceeded the previous year's fair. India participated in the fair as the Country of Honor. A total of 2,379 contracts were signed during the 2010BIBF, an increase of 19.48% over the previous year.
During the 2010BIBF, more than 200 Chinese and overseas media were on hand to report from the fair, includingXinhua News Agency, China Central Television, Beijing Television, ChinaNational Radio, China RadioInternational,, Dutch Broadcasting Foundation, Hindustan Times, People's Daily, Guangming Daily, ChinaBook Business Report, China Press and Publishing Journal and BeijingYouth Daily. Key Chinese TV andradio programs such as the CCTV News Broadcast, China News, BeijingNews, News Roundup, Hourly News, China National Radio, and Story Radiocovered the major events of the book fair as they took place.
The 18th Beijing International Book Fair will be held at the China International Exhibition Center (New Venue) from August 31 to September 4, 2011. The exhibition area will cover 53,600 square meters, and the Netherlands will take part as the Country of Honor. The China International Exhibition(New Venue) is more advanced, modern and user-friendly, providing a brand new experience for our clients. Besides expanding and improving on the General PublishingZone, 2011BIBF will expand last year's innovative Digital Publishing Zone and will continue to run the Children’s Book, Cartoons & Animation Zone, Periodical Zone, Publishing on Demand Zone and the Rights Center. As the organizer of the BIBF, CNPIEC will continue to adhere to international concepts and professional standards, and to provide quick and efficient information management and fair services to Chinese and overseas publishing cooperation and coordination, with the goal of raising the 18th BIBF to new heights of quality.
Our thanks to you, our colleagues in publishing, for your long-term support for the BIBF! On behalf of the Organizing Committee of the Beijing International Book Fair and the China National Publications Import and Export (Group) Corporation, I sincerely invite you to participate in the 18th Beijing International Book Fair, and express my hopes for a successful fair!
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Место проведения

Место проведения: China International Exhibition Centre (CIEC)
Адрес: 6号 N. 3rd Ring Rd E, Chaoyang, Пекин, Китай
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