Prefabricated Construction

Стамбул, Турция 29 марта / 2012


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О выставке


Individuals and professionals of the rapidly evolving and preferential prefabricated contruction technology sector will come togather at Istanbul Expo Center from 31st of March to 03rd of April. So far prefabricated products industry has met with great interest by Turkish and foreign companies.

It is shown by the number of visitor who takes online invitation and also by the names of companies who are going to participate since we start the presentation program of the exhibition that the Prefabricated Construction Technology Fair will fill the significant gap in this sector. 

Prefabricated Construction Technology Fair is surely will be the lead and one of the most succesful exhibitions in Turkey. The success of Prefabricated Construction Technology Fair will be success of prefabricated construction technology sector.

Prefabricated Construction Technology Fair Will Be Growing With Domestic And Foreign Presentations

Demos Advertisement Department will present Prefabricated Construction Technology Fair by industrial publications, internet advertisements and invitations/Flayers which will be printed in 4 languages.  

Our presentation program targetting Middle East countries, North African countries ( Tunisia, Morocco, Algeria, Libya ) Russia, Asian countries and The Balkans countries is increasing day by day and making us able to achieve to get the Prefabricated Construction Technology Fair, leading exhibition around the world.

Besides local (In Turkey) and Worldwide presentation program will start at the beginning of February with TV commercials and Prefabricated Construction Technology Fair Newspaper.

The first edition of Prefabricated Construction Technology Fair Newspaper was published as 50,000 pcs. in December 2009 and the second edition will be published in January 2010 and will be delivered to potentional visitors & participants in Turkey.

The presentation program will go on continuosly until the exhibition date. Demos Exhibition and Organization Co.Ltd. aiming to make the Prefabricated Construction Technology Fair the  most wanted  organisation by informing the potential visitors and having maximum benefits for our participants in Prefabricated Construction Technology Fair.


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Место проведения

Место проведения: Istanbul Expo Centre
Адрес: Fuar Merkezi 34149 Yeşilköy, Стамбул, Турция
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