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All events in city Bordeaux, France, 2014 year

No events found.
Looking for an event? On this page you will find the full list of upcoming events in Bordeaux, FR. knows everything about Bordeaux, FR events. Searching for Bordeaux, FR conferences? We will provide you with full information about these events. Want to visit an exhibition in Bordeaux, FR? We'll be glad to tell you about all Bordeaux, FR exhibitions that we know, and will help you book a hotel near the venue.

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Trade show

Presentation of the European footwear brands from Germany, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Austria, France, Slovenia, Finland, Poland, Sweden and Switzerland, as well as from Australia, Brazil, Israel and the United States.
19 – 22 August 201419 Aug 201422 Aug 2014
Russia, Moscow

Trade show

25 – 27 August 201425 Aug 201427 Aug 2014
Libya, Tripoli

Trade show

7 – 10 April 201607 Apr 201610 Apr 2016
Turkey, Istanbul

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