The 15th Shanghai International Thermal Insulation Material, Waterproof Material and Energy-saving Technology Exhibition

Shanghai, China 4 6 December / 2017

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About the trade show

The 15th Shanghai International Thermal Insulation Material, Waterproof Material and Energy-saving Technology Exhibition – an influential thermal insulation, waterproof, finishing materials and related products exhibition in Asia-Pacific region.
TIM Expo implements effective integration of industrial chain of insulation and waterproof, creating more value for your customers.
System solutions for “green”, prefabricated construction, nearly zero energy consumption buildings, integrated housing, energy conservation transformation for existing buildings, construction industrialization - this and much more solutions will be presented on December 4-6 in Shanghai.

TIM Expo is:
  • 15 859 visitors
  • 200 exhibitors
  • 12 000 square meters expo space
Key products to be presented at the exhibition:

Thermal Insulation Material:
  • Inorganic insulation material: rock (mineral) wool board, glass wool, thermal insulation mortar, aerogel, aluminum silicate fiber board (felt), aluminum foil, gypsum insulation board
  • Foaming insulation material: foaming cement, foaming agent, foam concrete light panel / board, foaming cement block, Portland cement
  • Organic insulation material: phenolic foam material, polyurethane rigid foam insulation material, foam urea formaldehyde resin
  • Thermal insulation and decoration integrated products: rock wool panels, phenolic panels, fluorocarbon lacquer finishes, metal finishes, aluminum-plastic panels, natural stone panels, imitation stone panels, panels without plastering
  • Equipment area: insulation material production equipment, construction material and energy-saving detection equipment, polyurethane paint spraying equipment, pouring equipment, anti-corrosion insulation equipment, foam cement insulation board production line, eps/xps mechanical equipment
  • Wall, roof (surface) insulation wall: exterior wall insulation and finish system (EIFS), roof waterproof thermal insulation, thermal insulation coating, real stone paint
  • Fireproof material: fireproof isolation belt, fireproof board, flame retardant fabric, flame retardant, facing fireproof coating, fireproof blocking material, fireproof glass
  • Pipe insulation; air conditioning and duct insulation; steel structure insulation system; electric insulation pavilion
  • Sound insulation and sound absorbing material: sound insulation wall, sound-absorbing cotton, suction tone paint
  • Construction energy-saving technologies: new energy-saving doors and windows and curtain wall, light wall plank, lightweight composite insulation block, hollow glass block, steel structure, prestressed and other new technology and new materials
Waterproof Material:
  • Construction waterproof materials: asphalt based waterproofing materials, waterproof materials for infrastructure and municipal engineering, rigid waterproof and plugging materials, all kinds of raw and auxiliary materials for waterproof materials, complete sets of equipment and technologies of waterproof materials, testing instrument and equipment for waterproof material
  • Construction waterproof coating: solvent waterproof coating, emulsion waterproof coating, reaction waterproof coating, modified asphalt waterproof coating
  • Construction sealing materials: synthetic polymer sealing materials, polymer modified asphalt sealing materials 
  • Roofing materials: single layer and polymer membrane roof system, roofing material and metal forming equipment, all kinds of solar photovoltaic materials, roof photovoltaic power generation system, cushion materials and roof slope roof system supporting material
  • Integration of waterproof and insulation: roll roofing systems with integration of insulation and waterproof, polyurethane insulation
  • Sprayed polyurea materials and auxiliary materials
  • Other: waterproof engineering construction machinery, technology, system accessories and auxiliary materials; waterproofing technology research, management software
TIM Expo – an exhibition for those who are engaged in the fields of:
  • Manufacturing / sales of insulating and related materials
  • Construction
  • Power engineering
  • Infrastructure
  • Research & Development
Top exhibitors:
Bondtape, BNBM, Yangguang Rockwool, Meiyuan, Jixingyuan, Huaneng Zhongtian, Hebei Guomei, Hebei Huamei, Dongpeng, Rockwool, Asia Cuanon.
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Venue: Shanghai New International Expo Center
Address: No.2345, Longyang Road, Pudong District, Shanghai, China
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