Влияние научных исследований/ Wpływ badań naukowych

Bydgoszcz, Poland 27 30 April / 2013

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About the conference

International project experience sharing

in the format of scientific - practical conferences.

Invites you to take part in the conference:

At the end of each conference reports and abstracts are posted on the website: http://konferentsiya.com.ua

Each participant receives a collection of conference papers and published abstracts, as well as the certificate of the participant.

Each collection is assigned to polish Identification Code ISBN

Each collection is assigned to UDC, BBC and Author's sign

Collection included in the Russian Science Citation Index (author)

Conference languages: Ukrainian, Russian, Polish and English.

The collection is printed immediately after the conference and sent to a maximum of two weeks after the end of the conference.

The closest scientific conference:

The influence of research / Wpływ badań naukowych

The conference is attended by representatives of Poland, Rosii, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Georgia, Armenia

Section Conference

SECTION 1. Architecture. Building.

SUB-SECTION 1. Architecture of buildings and constructions.

SUB-SECTION 2. Urban planning and landscape architecture.

SUB-SECTION 3. History.

SUB-SECTION 4. Innovative technology. Bio-technology.

SUB-SECTION 5. Design.

SUB-SECTION 6. Restoration.

SUB-SECTION 7. Building.

SUB-SECTION 8. Modern construction techniques and materials.

SUB-SECTION 9. The theory of architecture.

SUB-SECTION 10. Gas heat, ventilation, water supply and sewerage.

SECTION 2. Astronomy.

SECTION 3. Biological sciences.

SUB-SECTION 1. Botany.

SUB-SECTION 2. Biotechnology.

SUB-SECTION 3. Biophysics.

SUB-SECTION 4. Biochemistry.

SUB-SECTION 5.Virusologiya.

SUB-SECTION 6. Hydrobiology.

SUB-SECTION 7. Genetics.

SUB-SECTION 8. Immunology.

SUB-SECTION 9.Istoriya.

SUB-SECTION 10. Microbiology.

SUB-SECTION 11. Molecular Biology.

SUB-SECTION 12. Physiology.

SUB-SECTION 13. Ecology.

SUB-SECTION 14. Entomology.

SECTION 4. Veterinary science.

SUB-SECTION 1.Bolezni animals.

SUB-SECTION 2.Veterinarnaya medicine.

SUB-SECTION 3.Zooinzheneriya.

SUB-SECTION 4. History.

SECTION 5. Geographical sciences.

SUB-SECTION 1. Geographic cartography.

SUB-SECTION 2. Geomorphology and biogeography.

SUB-SECTION 3. History.

SUB-SECTION 4. Oceanography and meteorology.

SUB-SECTION 5.Sotsialnaya geography.

SUB-SECTION 6.Fizicheskaya.

SUB-SECTION 7.Ekonomicheskaya.

SECTION 6. Geological-mineralogical sciences.

SECTION 7. Journalism.

SECTION 8. Art history.

SUB-SECTION 1. Decorative arts.

SUB-SECTION 2. Fine Art.

SUB-SECTION 3. Cinematography.

SUB-SECTION 4. The art of music.

SUB-SECTION 5. Museology.

SUB-SECTION 6. Theory and history of culture.

SUB-SECTION 7. Theater.

SUB-SECTION 8. Arts and Crafts.

SECTION 9. History of science.

SUB-SECTION 1. Anthropology.

SUB-SECTION 2. Archaeology.

SUB-SECTION 3. World history.

SUB-SECTION 4. History of Ukraine.

SUB-SECTION 5. History of foreign countries.

SUB-SECTION 6. History of Russia.

SUB-SECTION 7. The history of science and technology.

SUB-SECTION 8. History of Cinema.

SUB-SECTION 9. The history of warfare.

SUB-SECTION 10. Books and records management.

SUB-SECTION 11. Ethnology.

SECTION 10. Cultural Studies.

SECTION 11. Management. Marketing.
SUB-SECTION 1. Crisis management.

SUB-SECTION 2. Government.

SUB-SECTION 3. History.

SUB-SECTION 4. Information technology in management.

SUB-SECTION 5. Field marketing.

SUB-SECTION 6. The policies and practices of marketing at the company.

SUB-SECTION 7. Conducting market research.

SUB-SECTION 8. Time management.

SUB-SECTION 9. Control of production and development company.

SUB-SECTION 10. Personnel management.

SUB-SECTION 11. Quality management.

SUB-SECTION 12. Project Management Software.

SECTION 12. Medical science.

SUB-SECTION 1.Akusherstvo and Gynecology

SUB-SECTION 2. Anesthesiology and Reanimation.

SUB-SECTION 3. Disease.

SUB-SECTION 4. Viruses.

SUB-SECTION 5. History.

SUB-SECTION 6. Innovation.

SUB-SECTION 7. Clinical Medicine.

SUB-SECTION 8. Morphology.

SUB-SECTION 9. Folk and alternative medicine.

SUB-SECTION 10. Pediatrics.

SUB-SECTION 11. Preventive medicine.

SUB-SECTION 12. Standardization and organization of the production of medicines.

SUB-SECTION 13. Theoretical Medicine.

SUB-SECTION 14. Therapy.

SUB-SECTION 15. Pharmaceutics and pharmaceutical business.

SUB-SECTION 16. Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Pharmacognosy

SECTION 13. Jurisprudence.

SUB-SECTION 1.Vospitanie and education.

SUB-SECTION 2. History.

SUB-SECTION 3. Innovations in the field of education.

SUB-SECTION 4. General and pre-school pedagogy.

SUB-SECTION 5. Social pedagogy.

SUB-SECTION 6. Theory, practice and teaching methods.

SECTION 14. Political science.

SECTION 15. Psychological Science.

SUB-SECTION 1. History

SUB-SECTION 2. Medical psychology.

SUB-SECTION 3. General Psychology.

SUB-SECTION 4. Organizational psychology.

SUB-SECTION 5. Work Psychology.

SUB-SECTION 6. Educational psychology.

SUB-SECTION 7. Social psychology.

SUB-SECTION 8. Economic Psychology.

SUB-SECTION 9. Legal psychology.

SECTION 16. Agricultural science.

SUB-SECTION 1. Agronomy.

SUB-SECTION 2. History.

SUB-SECTION 3. Forestry.

SUB-SECTION 4. Organic farming.

SUB-SECTION 5. Technique.

SECTION 17. Social sciences.

SUB-SECTION 1. History

SUB-SECTION 2. Methodology and methods of sociological research.

SUB-SECTION 3. Science policy.

SUB-SECTION 4. Social structures and social relations.

SUB-SECTION 5. Special and Industrial Sociology.

SUB-SECTION 6.Teoriya Sociology

SECTION 18. Technical sciences.

SUB-SECTION 1. Engineering Graphics.

SUB-SECTION 2. History.

SUB-SECTION 3. Computer science, computer engineering and automation.

SUB-SECTION 4. Innovative technology.

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Address: Bydgoszcz, Poland
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