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Implementing Effective Early Phase Trial Strategies in Asia to Reduce Approval Timelines, Risks and Costs from First-In-Human through Proof of Concept In March 2011, listings of clinical trials registered in the US FDA's clinical trial registration database showed that almost 15,680 trials are currently registered in Asia. Also we have seen a significant increase in the number of early-phase clinical trials conducted in Asia, including First-in-Human, Phase I and Phase II(a). What strategies are you putting in place to prevent early and late stage failures? 2nd Annual Early Phase Clinical Trials Asia 2012 is a high-level platform for pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical company leaders in clinical development and research to find answers to regulatory, scientific and operational challenges and issues in developing early phase clinical trials in Asian markets, which include Mainland China, India, Taiwan, Korea, Hong Kong and other Southeast Asian countries. Attend Early Phase Clinical Trials Asia 2012 and: • Learn effective approaches to overcome regulatory challenges for early phase trial approval in China, India and Korea • Improve your translational strategy: Align preclinical models with optimised clinical strategies • Design a streamlined safety early phase study to mitigate risks and costs • Optimise trial design to effectively meet early phase study timelines • Outsource strategies and partnership selection and maintenance with CROs • Utilise effective modelling and simulation tools – Examine how this has been successfully used • Design and conduct an early phase trial with low availability of patients.

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28 29 August 2012
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