Eco-Technology Exhibition

Fukuoka-shi, Japan 12 13 October / 2012

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About the trade show

Since 1993 に The 1 wo open reminders し て, this back で 16 back to the head と na ru when see the city wa 総 display area of ​​8,000 square meters, 総 the exhibition society the number of 232 community · 団 body (overseas companies wo containing む), open the reminder ã ミ ナ ー 20 (※ before return Mika results) wo boast the ru Western Japan's largest の environmental ビ ji Neko su see the city desu.経 済 industrial province, the Ministry of the Environment, Kitakyushu City, na ど の environmental policy · career wo wa じ Circular environment off even 団 bodies, enterprises, the NPO na ど の technology · products, take ri group み wo show や ã ミ ナ ー wo pass じ te Shao Kai-shi te Pacific ri ma desu.

さ ら ni overseas, especially ni East ア ji ア geographical へ の intelligence 発 letter ni force wo い れ overseas enterprises の out exhibition induced や talks will be 52 (overseas enterprises Club · 団 body) ni plus え overseas to field induced ni efforts Circular te Pacific ri ma desu. Ma ta open reminder to で thou ru Kitakyushu City, wa, public nuisance wo overcome shi ta 経 験 wo base ni ゼ ro エ ミ ッ シ ョ nn idea of ​​advancing と し て "エ women タ ウ nn career" の specified, cabinet officials room の low carbon society の Mika now ni け te greenhouse effect ga su の cut ni take ri group むholds an デ Hikaru city と し て "environment holds an デ Hikaru city ni identified さ Transportation ni Japanese-style su ma ー Suites Jewelry リ ッ ド で thou ru" Kitakyushu su ma ー Suites female ミ ュ ni Te ィ create the cause of "moo identified を by け most moo environmental issues ni take ri group san で い ru city の industrialization と つ と な っ て Pacific ri, environmental technology の set the plot toと し て, domestic the の み na ら shows overseas the ka ら moo attention the wo Bath び te Pacific ri ma si.

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Venue: Fukuoka International Congress Center
Address: 〒812-0032 福岡県福岡市博多区石城町2−1 , Fukuoka-shi, Japan
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