Osaka-shi, Japan 13 15 June / 2012

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Dec 1 – 3 01 Dec 201603 Dec 2016
Trade show

The 13th China (Shanghai) International Floor Industry Exhibition

China, Shanghai
Exhibition focuses on the upstream and downstream industry chain, providing international commercial and trading platform for floor brand companies and...
Mar 20175 – 7 05 Mar 201707 Mar 2017
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2017 GD Water

China, Guangzhou
GD Water – the event of a world scale in a strategic industry of chemicals production, water treatment and water resources processing. The exhibition will...
Mar 20177 – 10 07 Mar 201710 Mar 2017
Trade show


China, Shenzhen
Home Furnishing Expo - the most significant and large-scale professional event in China, dedicated to such products as furniture, house decor and textiles.

This is a past event.

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About the trade show

SIGN is the EXPO, wa, four and a half centuries ni wa ta ru open reminders the の 実 results wo boast ru in western Japan's largest the の exhibition desu.
Administrative や relations with each 団 の Association of praise the の mo と, a new era of the の デ ザ イ nn や intelligence the wo 発 letter shi ma si.

Yesterday, today, the デ ji タ Hikaru intelligence of ga ma si ma si acceleration shi
サ イ nn industry ni mo the Hikaru サ イ デ ji タ Neko ー ji ni on behalf of the さ れ the ru よ う na Hiro report the the の a new era of the と mo い う べ ki ki na the う ne ri ga charge shi send せ て い ma si.

Hiro report の practices ga drama the ni 変 of shi, mixed fans the the を deep the Circular ru 経 済 status of の 中 で yo ri layer の effect na Hiro divisions the ga seek Circular ら れ て い ru today
SIGN is EXPO, 2012 で は related material materials, machine materials を a ni of Circular,
サ イ nn デ ィ su pu レ イ industry relationships the の are 様 ni not owe な の information technology the wo proposal shi
The industry の activity of ni the positive the か ら take ri group み ta い the と test え ます.

Specific に は, the earthquake を じ te know さ せ ら れ た the province エ Neko Hikaru beverage giant ー エ women ro ji ー "commercial timber wo specialized shi
Dui policy, the environment of "high quality" security "," の キ ー ワ the ー ド wo shi っ ka ri the the と catch ma え ta the next generation of ni wo sets of the necessary na supplier material product し て
Hiro report a new era of the を students ki Ba ku way out wo see the exchange of intelligence the の field wo さ せ て the い ta da ki ta い the と think the い ま desu desu for の.

SIGN is EXPO, Hiro divisions owned machine timber to see the city the は outside Hiro divisions industry wa moo と yo ri industry, a variety of enterprises, the overseas the ka ら moo majority ご to い ta da ku Western Japan's largest の exhibition desu.
Exhibit social 様 と to field 様 の exchange ga, business materials information technology wo じ て often ni new し い Bldg ji the Neko su wo record shi te ma the い ri ma shi ta.
Moo exhibit social 様 to field those 様 の ta Circular in the future, the industry の activation の ta Circular, a layer of the の content Kuo charge を Chart っ te ri ma い ma si の で
Exhibitions the に non ご participate in the い ta da ki ma si げ on the from the を Shen nn su ni su チ ャ of the community の ビ ji Neko ご utilize ku da さ the い ma す 様 ご case し.

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Address: Osaka-shi, Japan
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