Trade show mostra rota 21 24 September 2012 | Event has passed Greece, Athens

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In positive trading spirit, another successful organizing of the MOSTRA ROTA trade exhibition took place on January 25th - 29th in the modern exhibition center of METROPOLITAN EXPO at the Athens International Airport ‘Eleftherios Venizelos’.

Trade visitors from all over Greece visited this season’s home ware and decorative item exhibition event on, informing themselves on the winter and easter fashion trends and experiencing offerings first hand.

Furniture, decorative and home-use items, as well as glassware and lighting fixtures were the featured categories, full of new propositions and innovative ideas that appeal to every visitor and fulfill the quality requirements of store customers.

Inviting grounds, radiant exhibition booths and an ideal atmosphere, in an event that owing to its variety of items and styles resembled a multicultural tapestry that attracted visitors with different tastes and mutual trading interests.

Our hosts, trade dealers and fabricators of furniture and decorative items, presented quality collections in good taste and great care, featuring beautiful items in retro notes. Object lines ranged from classic to modern elegance, and varied from imposing Indian taste to French chic, making sure that everyone’s decorative tastes were catered to.

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Greece, Athens

Our company, ROTA Ltd. Co. is the largest private trade show organizer in Greece.
We organize professional trade shows, conferences and shows for many markets/products, ranging from the household commodities to the electronic commerce. At the same time, we publish special publications and we offer communication and advertising services. All our services are characterized by our enthusiasm for the expositions and our persistence even on the smallest of details.

It is our belief that the organization of a successful trade show is a collective and complex work demanding particular knowledge and capacities in many fields of activity. Such fields are the communication and the marketing, the creation and the advertisement as well as the management of projects, collaborations and a great number of employed persons. All these demands end up to the Company's people who are asked to implement the company's plans. For this reason, we in ROTA are trying to feel at home while working.

We believe that to a great extent we achieve our goals, as ROTA has to show a remarkable and enviable development without altering the principles that allowed this success. Thus, we still remain a private company but with the name and the recognition of a listed one.

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21 24 September 2012
Friday – Monday
Greece, Athens
Athens International Airport “Eleftherios Venizelos”