Trade show Furnica 27 30 March 2012 | Event has passed Poland, Poznan

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About Furnica

In 2011 the DREMA and FURNICA fairs were attended by nearly 800 companies: suppliers of the wood and furniture industries, showcasing their products on the exhibition area of 35,000 m2. This extensive and diversified offer attracted over 21,000 professionals from Poland and abroad. These statistics are comparable with those from the previous year's edition of DREMA and FURNICA fairs.

The highlight of the FURNICA fair held at the same time was the Charm of Detail: Colours of Relaxation exhibition, featuring speeches of experts in the field of design and colour psychology. The lectures and workshops by Zuzanna Skalska, a trend watcher from VanBerlo Strategy + Design, a Dutch agency, were devoted to colour perception and its awareness by consumers. Speeches by Marek Borowiński touched upon the usage of colours in sales strategy as a psychological factor that determines product choice to a great extent.

Thematic sections


  • Furniturerollers
  • furniture hardware
  • spring
  • furniture feet
  • rails for drawers
  • handles
  • wood screw
  • furniture locks
  • furniture hinges
  • furniture joint

  • Furniture elements (table tops,cupboard door, sliding door, frames)
  • foils
  • framings
  • scaleboards
  • polyurethane foams
  • resin hardened woodboards
  • fibreboards
  • particleboards
  • plywood
  • scan wood
  • upholsteryunwoven fabric
  • packagings for furnitureindustry


  • furniture casters
  • furniture feet
  • rails and guides
  • holders
  • furniture locks
  • furniture hinges
  • рackaging for the furniture industry

  • screws
  • joints
  • bolts
  • pegs
  • stitches

    Furnica . Organized:

    MTP - Poznan International Fair Ltd - Miedzynarodowe Targi Poznanskie sp. z o.o.

    Poland, Poznan

    Glogowska street 14

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    27 30 March 2012
    Tuesday – Friday
    Poznań Congress Center
    Poland, Poznan
    ul. Glogowska 14